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Justice for Caylee

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To Whom it may concern,

On July 5th of 2011, Casey Anthony was found Not Guilty of first degree murder of her toddler daughter; Caylee Marie Anthony. She was charged with only four counts of falsifying police reports and faces a sentence of 1 year for each count. All though there was evidence that pointed Casey Anthony to be the attacker, extreme measures were not taken. I am writing this to propose a new law be made as a result of the occurred, stating that it be a federal offense to not report the death of a child/minor RIGHT AWAY for legal investigation purposes no matter what the cause of death is decided to be. Also, for it to be a law for any parent/guardian/caretaker to report a missing child AS SOON AS POSSIBLE so proper investigations can be made. Any person to not abide should be punished according to whatever measures are taken in the court of law. The Caylee Anthony Case was tragic and heart-breaking for many of us. There is no reason for any of this to repeat itself whatsoever if the proper laws are made in effect. We all do this for the well being of innocent children who can't defend themselves. As adults we know how to try and protect ourselves and even then sometimes other tragedies happen. A child, more fragile and way smaller wouldn't kow what to do in a life or death situation. Please help establish a law for the protection of children everywhere. Thank You for Reading this.

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