Justice for Catherine Milledge!

Justice for Catherine Milledge!

June 5, 2022
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Started by Catherine Milledge

Hello, My name is Catherine Milledge. On Thursday June 2nd, 2022 at approximately 3:45pm, My 7-year-old daughter and I were driving to see my sister in Florida. A Georgia State Trooper by the Name of Scott Rigby pulled me over, alleging that he was unable to see my license plate. I had a state issued temporary tag, which was taped on the inside of my back window (as per Georgia state law). I explained to Officer Scott Rigby that’s where I was told to put the temporary tag and he replied "Well, you were told wrong".  I then asked officer Scott Rigby why was I being pulled over ? 
He replied, "Give me your Id." I obliged with his request and gave him my ID. He came back and said “you can make a phone call to have someone come get you guys, but per GA law I am supposed to arrest you and impound your vehicle but I don’t want to do that with your daughter present”. 
I immediately became anxious, nervous, and scared. I opened my car door to comply with what he said about calling someone to pick up my daughter. (Keep in mind I was 2 hours away from home from my nearest family members) I didn't want my 7-year-old daughter to hear the conversation, so I got out of my vehicle to make the phone call, for someone to pick us up.  At this point State Trooper Scott Rigby came up to me while I was on the phone attempting to comply with his demand, and he said aggressively “You Need to get back in the car”. I tried to explain to him that I was trying to get someone to pick up my daughter, like he requested. He replied "no you’re going to get back in your vehicle or I am going to take you to jail for obstruction, do you want me to arrest you ?”. I then replied “For  what”? He then said “get back in your vehicle”. I again tried to explain that I was making the phone call for someone to pick us and I didn’t want my daughter to hear. Officer Scott Rigby totally disregarded what I was trying to explain and he then grabbed my arm and began pulling me towards his Patrol Car. 
I screamed to the person on the other end of the phone “Tony , Tony, the cop is grabbing me for no reason, I didn’t do anything wrong, Tony call my mom, Tony call my mom”.
All of this occurred while Officer Scott Rigby aggressively and without probable cause is trying to arrest me. I shouted in agony pleading to officer Scott Rigby "Wait, my leg, please my leg, I just had surgery". 
Officer Scott Rigby then proceeded to slam me on the ground and put his knee on my shoulder. By this time my 7-year-old daughter got out of the car and started screaming hysterically and crying to State Trooper Officer Rigby, “Mommy, my mommy, don’t hurt my mommy”. My Daughter then tried to save me from Officer Scott Rigby assaulting me. 
This went on for about 10-15 minutes and Not too long after that several other state and tifton city patrol cars showed up on the scene. At this point Scott Rigby Told me to get up off the ground. I then replied “I can’t”.
Trooper Scott Rigby Then asked “Why not, what happened ”? and I replied “You know what happened, you just slammed me to the ground”. Him and another officer then put their hand out for me to pull myself up.

Once I got up on my feet, they put me in State Trooper Rigby's cruiser. I cried out, saying “My knee and my shoulder is hurt”. Keep in mind that I had two sets of handcuffs on me the entire time. While I was sitting in the back of the patrol cruiser My daughter then attempted to call my mother, from her tablet. One of the officers who happened to be a sheriff of Tifton County police took my phone, car, wallet, Id , and my daughter's tablet. So unfortunately my mother couldn’t be reached.  At this point , I received no ticket or citation for anything. Once the ambulance got there, the EMT asked officer Scott Rigby if I was under arrest, because if in fact I was under arrest then, the arresting officer would have to escort me to the hospital. 
State Trooper Scott Rigby (who is the officer that slammed me on the ground causing my left shoulder to dislocate) Replied to the EMT “No she is not under arrest”. Then Officer Scott Rigby looked at me and said “But when you leave the hospital you need to turn yourself in because your license is suspended and you’re being charged with obstruction”. After Trooper Scott Rigby said that he then gave me back my wallet, my daughter's tablet, and my phone. 
The EMT’s on the scene said if there are no officers waiting for me at the hospital when I arrive , then I am not under arrest. Then at that point , it would be left up to me whether I choose to leave the hospital and turn myself in or not. 
My mother was finally notified and told what had just occurred. My mother then came to the hospital to pick up myself and my 7 year old daughter. Not too long after we were able to locate my car at a local impound lot nearby, I was told I had to pay $275.00 to retrieve my vehicle.



The trauma inflicted on Catherine milledge by officer Scott Rigby from what should’ve been a regular, pandemonium free , simple routined traffic stop. Turned out to be far much more , and caused her not only to have a dislocated shoulder, and a re-torn MCL; But also she now has to deal with her daughter suffering from What seems to possibly be a case of PTSD all stemming from the actions of officer Scott Rigby.

If you would like to help Catherine milledge in any way please visit www.change.Org and read over Catherine’s petition where she outlines the turn of events. Sign it and spread the word. Also if you’d like to Donate to this cause to ensure that Catherine gets the legal help she needs then please visit her Go fund me link below. https://www.gofundme.com/f/xvemk-justice-for-catherine-and-her-7-year-old-daughter

This is a matter of justice and accountability,  and if you “The People” believe in that Then I have faith that You’ll do what is right.

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Signatures: 3,526Next Goal: 5,000
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