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This page was created to tell everyone about Bullit, my former service dog, that was brutally murdered by a heartless driver.
This driver drove up into our yard to hit Bullit. They also hit our neighbors trashcan. They drove up the road, turned around, and proceeded to hit the dog again. After the first hit I ran with my dad to help save Bullit. My dad had a flashlight on him and waved down the lanes of traffic, all lanes of traffic had stopped except for the driver of the black SUV. The driver turned around and accelerated toward my dad and killed Bullit. Bullit had his eyes fixed upon me, as was his life job, as I screamed for his life. I was screaming loud enough the neighbors two houses down on our road heard my cries. When the fatal blow came he was looking into my eyes. My dad leaped out of the way as Bullit's body rolled lifeless next to him. Bullit suffered in his last moments. Bullit was a big dog, weighing 100 pounds. Sadly in order for my dad to not get hit he had to leave Bullit in the road. This decision was hard on him. There was several cars on the road that night, January 26, 2017 on Geneva Highway. Bullit was killed around 6:30-6:45pm. The police arrived around 8:00pm to investigate the scene. (The reason for the difference in time was that we attempted to take Bullit to the Vet, but he died on the way, We next took him to Sorrell's to have his body cremated. We cried and mourned before we could drive back to the house.) It is urged that ANY person that was on the road that night, or if you have heard anyone talk about the event PLEASE call the Enterprise Police 347- 2222. There were two crimes that took place. First the driver tried to hit my dad when he was visible on the road, and the second offence was the second hit on the service dog that ended his life.

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