make sure justice is served, for budy the hero dog

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make sure justice is served, for budy the hero dog

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Buddy was found Tuesday March 6th 2012 laying on the side of a road in St. Charles with massive shotgun wounds to his face and neck.Buddy had been shot twice at close range in the face and head area with a shotgun, destroying blood vessels, nerves, glands and several teeth. He also had pellets embedded throughout his body, Half his face was blown away, many of his teeth gone or shattered beyond repair and more than 50 shotgun pellets were removed from his body.Buddy lost more than half the blood in his body .. On March 9th buddy passed away from a broken heart.. I want to make sure this doesnt go un noticed, i want to make sure the owners who did this pay..aswell the owners have other animals in their care, i want to see them removed  We need to make sure justice is served and be the voice of animal abuse here in sudbury and all over the world.. we need to make it known this is not right and stiffer consequences need to be made for animal abusers!!!!  please sign this petition and share with family and friends... LETS MAKE SURE JUSTICE IS SERVED FOR BUDDY THE HERO And any other animals who are being abused!!


just so everyone knows where this will be going after. ill be sending it off to the OSPCA,SPCA,parliament, our MP our mayor, and many more place and people!!
 Also if you have more ideas where to send it so this can be heard just msg me

Thanks so much everyone u are all amazing , we are the voices of the animals who can't speak

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