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Justice for Bubba And Bear!

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On Saturday morning in the town of Pedro, Ohio, a couple came home to find their two beloved companions, Bubba and Bear, stabbed to death in their own front yard.  The scene gruesome being described as “blood everywhere”. The dogs had multiple stab wounds and their throats had been slit.  One dog house was ripped completely apart. It appeared that one of the dogs tried to hide in the house and the perpetrators went hunting them.  The dogs could not escape their killers.  Josie Scythes, one of the owners said one of the difficult things she is dealing with on the death of her companions is the thought of how frightened and helpless Bubba and Bear were.

Twenty year olds’ Brian Sharp and Jonathon Jiles have been arrested in what is being called a “random act of violence”. Sharp told Lawrence County Sheriff Jeff Lawless that the homeowner’s were not targeted and there is no clear motive for the brutal killings.  Sharp and Jiles have admitted to being involved in stabbing the dogs to death and said that they were drunk at the time.

Sharp and Jiles have been charged with “prohibition concerning companion animals” and criminal trespassing.  The prohibition charge carries a stiffer penalty and both men could face up to six months in jail. Sheriff Lawless explained “When you have a crime like this where people have targeted innocent animals, we wanted to go after them. And as we looked at the statues that would govern for the Ohio Revised Code, cruelty to animals is certainly a charge that would stick so we wanted to research to see if there was something that was a little more stringent because we felt like the nature of the crime warranted a little bit more. So we were able to come up with a prohibition concerning companion animals charge."  Sheriff Lawless has dogs and said “it’s very upsetting when you take an innocent animal and do something like this to it”.

Sharp and Jiles have had their arraignments and a pretrial for both is scheduled for Thursday, September, 13, 2012

 For more information: http://www.wsaz.com/news/headlines/Family-Offers-Reward-after-Dogs-were-Stabbed-to-Death-167566755.html

Photo Courtesy of WSAZ News Channel 3

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