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Brandon Hydrick, 26, died in the arms of his brother, Ryan, 25, after a bullet of an AK-47 assualt rifle struck the tailgate of the the pickup truck Ryan was driving, penetrated the truck cab, the backseat and then the front passenger seat, striking and killing Brandon.

Hydrick was killed in cold-blood when Joel Moyers, a Tanner, Alabama resident of a mobile home, brandishing an AK-47 on a dark, dead-end road shot into the vehicle as is it passed by on the road.

The killer admitted to the shooting. Yet, he has only been charged with reckless murder -- a much lesser crime -- than capital murder, which, according to Alabama code should be the charge for shooting into a moving vehicle.

This admitted killer is out on bail, much due to the lesser charge imposed by the District Attorney. As a stipulation of his bail, the killer must move to his mother’s home in Cullman, Alabama where she resides in a lake-front vacation property, estimated to be worth $340,000, according to tax assessment records.

The fact remains that Joel Moyers fired at the passing vehicle and as a result, murdered the innocent 26-year-old Brandon Hydrick, leaving behind a void felt by an enormous amount of grieving family, loved-ones, and friends.

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THANK YOU! With your help we can help get justice for Brandon who was a wonderul person, loved by all that met him, and a man who died senselessly. 

Letter to
District Attorney, Brian Jones Limestone County District Attorney Office
Assistant District Attorney James Ayers
Revoke the bail and increase the charge against Joel Moyers - killer of Brandon Hydrick - to Capital Murder.

This admitted murderer --- who shot into a moving vehicle and killed an innocent man -- needs to be incarcerated immediately so he may harm no one else.

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