Justice for Bleu! Stop Dr. Daniel "God" Koller of Companion Pet Clinic: No more victims!

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Terry Fletcher
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Bleu was a 7 month old Dachshund who was the latest victim of Dr. Daniel "God" Koller. On the 17th of September, Bleu was brutally mishandled by Koller, and Bleu did not survive. This poor beautiful baby did nothing wrong. His family had been visiting the clinic for 5 months with Bleu.  The story of how Bleu was injured can be found on the Victims of Companion Pet Clinic group on Facebook. We thank Bleu's family for filing a complaint with the Beaverton Police.  We wish them courage as they will face Bleu's abuser in court.  https://www.kgw.com/video/news/crime/veterinarian-charged-with-animal-abuse-appears-in-court/283-9b17b267-fa3b-416f-ab1f-4339c0ea996e

*** Recently the New York Times wrote an article on Dr. Koller https://www.nytimes.com/2020/02/04/us/vets-daniel-koller-pets.html

The vet has been charged with 2 counts of aggravated animal abuse and 2 counts of first degree animal abuse.  We don't want to see what happens in many animal abuse cases, where the charges are dropped or lessened.  We need to be the loudest voice possible for Bleu and other victims of Koller. 

We also are calling for the Oregon Veterinary Medical Exam Board to suspend Dr. Koller's license while he had 4 counts of animal abuse in the court system. Dr. Koller's license was revoked by them in 2008 and reinstated in 2015; however, Dr. Koller's license in California was permanently revoked. According to ORS 686.130, that revocation should allow the Oregon Board to discipline Koller in OR under ORS 686.120  https://www.oregonlaws.org/ors/686.120

"The revocation, suspension or refusal to issue or renew a license or practice credential to practice veterinary medicine in any other state, territory or foreign jurisdiction if the cause of that revocation, suspension or refusal to issue or renew is cause in this state. The record of revocation, suspension or refusal to issue or renew is conclusive evidence."


From arraignment 11/26/2019 https://www.koin.com/news/crime/beaverton-vet-arraigned-for-dog-torture/

The history of veterinarian Daniel God Koller and his animal abuse victims has been documented for almost 40 years. Find Victims of Companion Pet Clinic on Facebook. 

Koller earned his degree from U.C. Davis in 1974, but in 3 short years he was already accused with abuse.  According to the Oregonian, "A California jury in 1977 sentenced Koller to 100 days in jail for brutalizing a dog and letting an unlicensed vet student perform a hysterectomy on a cat." 

In the decades to follow, his license was revoked twice in California and once in Oregon. In 2001, Koller applied as a veterinary practitioner in Portland, Oregon, and indicated that the State of California had revoked his state license in 1978 for non-drug related conduct but had re-instated his license in 1982. In 2001, Koller and his wife were thought to have overdosed by their teenage daughter. Drugs and needles from his practice were found in the home. His license was revoked in California for the 2nd time.

In his Oregon practice, an employee reported him in 2004 for abusive acts on his patients. That battle turned into a wrongful termination suit as well and lasted 7 years. The Oregon Veterinary Medical Exam Board reviewed the 79 page complaint with testimonials from victims of Koller but found no reason to revoke his license over her complaint. His license was revoke from 2009 to 2015. 

In October of this year, a complaint from a victim was heard by the Beaverton, OR, Police Department. The police shared the complaint with the Oregon Humane Society.  On November 8, a Grand Jury indicted Koller on 2 counts of aggravated animal abuse and 2 counts of first degree animal abuse. On November 14, Koller was arrested and charged in Washington County, OR.  

The citizens of Oregon and the world are petitioning the DAs office and the Oregon Vet Board to deliver fair justice and stop this vicious cycle for once and for all.

If you are a victim of Dr. Koller of Companion Pet Clinic, please call Beaverton Police non-emergency 503-629-0111

*****Arraignment has been set for 8:30 am on November 26th. Let's give them a book of signatures!


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