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Justice for Bezella against wrongful death from animal control and humane society

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Bezella was put down on a wrongful death from animal control and the humane society. They said she would have at least thirty days to get adopted. They claimed she tried to bite him when I called them cause a friend of mine was going to go get her and Foster her. I have been devastated since july 13, 2017 cause within the hour or so they killed her, knowing she might have been scared and what dog wouldn't be. And my fiance told me she walked happily down the stairs on her leash, hoped into the kennel. Didn't not once did she growl, nip ,nor did she attempt to bite the guy. But with what the humane society told me regarding the thirty days to get adopted and claiming she tried to bite the animal control guy and not giving me a call first about anything was wrong. They didn't even put her in quarantine "if she was to have attempted to bite". Regardless animal control should have informed me first before putting her down instead of me finding out through a text message from my mom. But in all I want Justice not only for Bezella but for anyone else​ they have done this to. Killing any animal in my eyes should be illegal in every state cause all animals deserve another chance regardless

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