Justice for Bamise

Justice for Bamise

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Justice for Bamise and

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A young lady Oluwabamise Ayanwola, a 22-year-old fashion designer was murdered after boarding a Bus Rapid Transit, BRT, on Lagos Island.

When the state sponsored infrastructure can no longer be deemed secure, when lives of our citizens are being cut short and no one seems to overly care then we must use every legal and peaceable means to speak up and insist on truth, exposure and.justice.

Who kidnapped Oluwabamise? Who killed Oluwabamise Ayanbola? Justice for her is justice for the citizens of this nation and for past victims.

The cases of kidnappings leading to ritual deaths have led to a high rise of unsolved murder cases across Nigeria. Over the years it has gone from for bad to worse.

The inability of those in authority either speaks of gross incompetence or complicity in these deeds of wickedness or a mix of both.

This acute insecurity has gotten to a place where it looks as if no one is safe anymore. The impudence of those behind these acts and the impotence of the authority to rid the nation of them has rocketed high.

The citizens of Nigeria demands justice for Miss Bamise; the culprits brought to justice, the process made public till justice is served.

The time for silence is done.



160 have signed. Let’s get to 200!