Justice for Bailey Reyna- harder consequences so our loved ones are protected!

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On Dec 22nd, our family observed a year since Bailey Reyna’s life was taken by a drunk driver.  Bailey was on his way to work with his boss Shelly.  As they sat at a red light, a drunk driver rear ended them putting Shelly in the hospital and killing Bailey.  Shelly has a long recovery for both her health and family business.  Bailey, who was only 18 had bought Christmas gifts with his hard-earned money that he never got to give.  He played soccer with AYSO Region 16 since he was 4 years old, had just graduated High School, and was enrolled in college.  He was such a huge Galaxy fan that he went to almost every home game. 

As with so many Drunk Drivers, they walk away without any substantial injuries.  This murderer ignored all of the options available to him such as taking an Uber, Lift, Taxi, Stay in a Hotel or with a friend, etc.) because he wanted to save a $100 or maybe it was too much of an inconvenience to have to come back for his car the following day, instead he made the decision to get behind the wheel and attempt to drive almost a 100 miles from the South Bay to Vista, CA. 

Despite being arrested at the scene and charged with the accident and death of Bailey Reyna, a year later he has yet to spend a single night behind bars.  Meanwhile our family has spent over a year suffering with the preventable loss of Bailey’s life.  When we want to feel close to Baily, aside from memories and pictures, we have to go to a grave site and have done so countless times.  Instead of celebrating life’s milestones and making new memories, we now exchange Christmas ornaments with sayings like “Your Wings were ready, but my Heart was not”. 

During this same time, the person who made the decision to take Bailey’s life has spent the last year sleeping in his own bed and seeing his family every day, something he robbed Bailey of.  To show how little regard he has for our laws him and his lawyer were both scolded by a judge for not appearing in court but just calling in. 

As we come to the end of trial the family now worries that our new DA will authorize a plea agreement not worthy of the heinous and preventable crime that took Bailey’s life.  How can a sentence for taking a life be shorter than the trial itself?  How can a sentence for robbing a young man of his life be for only months? 

How terrifying is it for all of us knowing that someone can attempt to drive 100 miles drunk and if they take a life of one of our loved ones that our DA’s may offer a plea that only puts them behind bars for a few months with the family having no say in what is offered.  How pissed should we all be knowing that someone can take the life of our children and in less time than a trial took they can be back out on the streets like nothing happened. 

When will this stop?  The CHP reported making a DUI arrest every five minutes this Christmas.  Over 300 arrests were made in just 30 hours and that is without bars and restaurants being open. 

How many more of our loved ones and children will die because people make the decision to drink and drive?  How many more of these murderers will go a year or more without spending a single night behind bars and only be sentenced to a few months?

Please support the family and all our loved ones yet to be victims, by not only sharing this post but using one of the links below to email or call our local officials or News stations with the message of “Justice for Bailey”.  Help us get visibility on this, help save other lives by stopping our DA’s from offering plea agreements that make victims of us again and protects those who take lives.  The new DA has already stated he is looking at reducing sentences for a variety of offenses, we need to send the message that this needs to stop, those who takes lives deserve to face the consequences.  


District Attorney Assigned to Bailey’s Case

Name: Sergei Shubin

Email: sshubin@da.lacounty.gov


LA District Attorney George Gascon

Phone: 213-223-6914


Congresswoman Maxine Waters

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Email: https://waters.house.gov/contact/email


KTLA Contact

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Daily Breeze Contact

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