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The Medically Recommended Intensive Supervision (MRIS) Law has released Sadie Proffitt, a multiple convicted murderer, from prison early due to a loophole in our Justice System. I believe this law should exclude violent offenders, such as murderers.

We need everyone's help at the next Legislative Session in 2013 to help change this law. Sadie Proffitt, the convicted murderer, that killed the Attar Family, has been paroled in violation of the Code of Criminal Procedure and the minimum time requirements due to medical reasons.

Let’s make sure the Member’s of the Board have the proper diagnosis before releasing an inmate convicted of murder. Sadie Proffitt was paroled because of her $900 a month medical bill that was not considered a terminal illness as it states in the MRIS law. Cost should not be a factor in the decision to parole an elderly inmate. This is a travesty and has already affected many families in our great State of Texas. Let’s do what is necessary to prevent another murderer from being released early!!

Please contact the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles, Texas Senators & Representative’s of Texas to help make a difference so this does not happen to another family as us. In addition, get the law modified in the name of the Attar Family.

Danny Sr. never got to meet our son and watch him grow into the strong and brave young man that he would have been proud of. Omar and Felecia did not get the chance to see their precious little boy grow into the young man he would have been today. And Omar, Jr. never got a chance to see what life had to offer him. And all their family members are left with emptiness in their heart.

 Her victims will never get an early release, Why should she!!!

Our Justice System has failed us

Letter to
Governor Rick Perry
Texas U.S. Representative Ron Paul
State of Texas Board Of Pardons & Paroles Rissie Owens-Presiding Officer, Tim McDonald-Director of Board Operations
and 3 others
Board Member's Juanita Gonzalez, Conrith Davis, Michelle Skyme, Thomas Leeper, David Gutierrez, James LaFavers
Texas State Senator's Joan Huffman, Mike Jackson
Texas State Representative's Dennis Bonnen, Randy Weber
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Medically Recommended Intensive Supervision Law.

Stop the early release of multiple murderers

October 10, 2000, in Lake Jackson, TX., Sadie Proffitt set a fire to her dead husband to collect life insurance. An entire family upstairs died. Danny Attar, his twin brother Omar, Omar's wife Felicia and their 1 year old son Omar Jr. were trapped by the intense flames.

Sadie Proffitt was convicted to 60 years and sent to prison June 2002 and was released after only serving 9 years due to the Medically Recommended Intensive Supervision Law that passed in 2003.

I was pregnant with Danny's son at the time of his death. My son, Danny Jr. is now 10 years old. He never got to meet his father and he has many questions about why she was released early. How do I explain this to him to where he understands at such a young age?

I want to start a petition to fight this law and stop convicted murderers from being released early, so this doesn't happen to other families as ourselves. The Justice System has failed us and most importantly failed my son!! Danny Jr. is the voice for his father now, so please help by signing our petition and pass this on to others through, email, and facebook.

Yvette Garcia