Justice for Atalay's Kebab Van, Thame


Justice for Atalay's Kebab Van, Thame

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Josh Vickers started this petition to South OXfordshire District Council

Atalay's kebab van is an award-winning kebab van that has been serving the community of Thame for over 30 years.

They have been told they have to close for 28-60 days due to not having a street trading consent certificate. 

Why were they never told they needed one in the last 32 years when they have been doing everything by the book including paying the local council, having a trading agreement, paying SODC for a premises licence every year. They even have planning permission.

I myself am very close with the owners of the van and they are one of the nicest families you will ever meet. No one deserves to be treated like this.

Together we can make South Oxfordshire District Council realise they can't treat long-standing small businesses like this!

PLEASE SIGN. #JusticeForAtalays

Below is a statement from Atalays kebab van.

"Notice to all customers (PLEASE READ)

Unfortunately we have been told we have to close, after a visit from South Oxfordshire District Council, street trading officers.

We have traded in Thame at the same spot for 32 years. 


- Pay the local council rent.

- Sign a trading agreement with the local council every 5 years.

- Pay all taxes when necessary.

- And pay South Oxfordshire District Council for a premises license every year.

All of a sudden they have visited us tonight to tell us  that we don't have street trading consent and we should apply for it. But while it is in progress we should keep our business closed for 28 days (could be up to 60 days).

We respect the law by all means, but we need justice. From the beginning of our application we used professional solicitors and fought for 10 years of our life to get the license. We abided by the law at every point. 

We don't think we have been doing anything illegal. If we were, why haven't we been told this during the last 32 years!

As a small business during the pandemic we have already suffered. We have tried our hardest to keep all our staff, we have just about managed to keep our business going after having to close for 2 months. 

We or any other business can not afford to close for another month (or two!)

We need yout help! We want justice.



This petition made change with 2,789 supporters!