Justice for asifa

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In india brutal rape and murder of 8 year old ASIFA BANO has inflamed religious tensions, leading to widespread protests, international attentions, and even the social media hashtag #JusticeForAsifa.
Who was Asifa? She was an an 8 year old daughter of Bakerwals. Who are Bakerwals? A noman tribe who when spotted the Kargil intruders promptly informed the army.
In jan 10 Bano was looking for some of her horses after letting them graze for a while. Two men allgedly approched her, letting her that they knew where her animals were and leading her into a forest, where they gave her sedatives and raped her. Police say that the men locked her in a temple and - along with atleast one another man - raped her repeatedly over the next few days before finally stangling her on Jan. 13.
Bano's body was found days after her death, abandoned in the forest. The police have arrested 8 men for the crime, including two officers who allgedly helped cover it up. You know what the trendy urban right wingers reiterate that india is peaceful and all this is just the dirty work by the media and the politically affiliated. You know why they believe so because this was not one of their own daughter. That's the prejudiced, self centered, close minded self of those who deny henious crime like this which can't see beyond their own comforts.
The religion of the victim or the religion of the rapist should never matter. Anyone who rapes a child should not be allowed to live.