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Justice for Are'es De'Von Richards, stop law enforcement irresponsibility!!

On Sunday, June 16, 2013 Are'es De'Von Richards was shot at 27 times by security guards employed by Kingdom Warrior Security, after a minor altercation.  He was unarmed and driving away.  He died shortly after.  Are'es was not a criminal or hoodlum, yet was a college student who worked two jobs and was normal and happy like many of our young people. 

How is this justified?  Clearly it cannot be!  Many young men and young people today are targeted, treated aggressively, and profiled.  Law enforcement use their authority by attempting to intimidate, in essense shouldn't they be protecting and serving, where do you draw the line? 

In many cases, law enforcement do not think rationally and act irresponsibly; they did just that with Are'es.  Meaning, they think and feel above the law.

There has been minimal media attention and no information on whether these men will be charged.  It's time to move forward.

We won't let it go, we can't stand by and watch.

Bring justice for Are'es De'Von Richards!!

Letter to
Chief of Police Michael McGrath
Councilman Ward 3 Joe Cimperman
Councilman Ward 8 Jeffrey Johnson
Family, friends, and the community urge you to bring justice for Are'es De'Von Richards. Security guards employed by Kingdom Warrior not only should lose their license to carry, but these men should never have the opportunity to be considered for employment in any form of law enforcement. They have to take responsibility for causing his death.

Time is a ticking, there has been minimal media coverage, and Are'es and his family deserve a conviction. You have the perpetrators, the people are ready for action!!

Court decision is based on what an average citizen or person would believe. The people believe the shooting was unjustified, and a clear case of aggression wearing badge and carrying a gun.

No justice, no peace! We want justice for Are'es.

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