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On August 14, Andreaka Bell was killed in a fatal one vehicle car wreck. There were 3 girls in the vehicle, Andreaka was the only passenger that didn't survive. She was only 18, and had hopes of attending University of Texas in Austin.

The 2 surviving passengers attended a party for 2 hrs, while Andreaka slept in the car. It was said by witnesses and surviving passenger that the party the girls attended had alcohol, that was consumed by the driver. Also stated that the parents where the party was held, were home drinking along with the underage individuals. Leaving the party it was said that the driver was driving reckless out of the neighborhood, by an individual that followed the girls then went back to the party to tell others about the accident. The driver had just turned on Pasedena blvd. and was able to flip the car multiple times. There has been no arrest, or charges filed, or even any citations for this case for any of the individuals responsible for Andreaka's death.

Now almost a year later we have learned the case hasn't been handled correctly. Critical evidence was not obtained including the Blood Alcohol Count from the driver and interviewing of the witnesses,  which is completely unacceptable due to the circumstances of this case!

It was evident the driver had been drinking and more importantly killed someone, yet no charges have been made against the driver, due to the negligance of DEER PARK POLICE. The driver has been free to do it again for almost a year, and her actions clearly show no remorse and that she would do it again!


This is not a petition going against the actions or current methods of the District Attorney, however we would like to make sure that both the District Attorney and Deer Park Police Department are taking ALL neccessary steps to ensure Justice for the death of Andreaka Bell.


 Please help us get Justice for Andreaka Bell and her family.  

Letter to
Vehicular Crimes District Attorney Harris County District Attorney Patricia Lykos/ Jim Leitner
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
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Texas State House
Texas State Senate
President of the United States
Texas Governor
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Harris County Vehicular Crimes District Attorney


I am writing this letter to call for justice for Andreaka Bell.

August 14, 2011, Andreaka Bell was killed in a one vehicle car wreck. The driver of the vehicle Andreaka was in, had been seen drinking and driving recklessly after attending a party.

Deer Park Police Department/ Harris County District Attorney has yet to arrest or press charges against the driver of the vehicle even though it was evident there was criminal activity. Upon RE INVESTIGATING the case crucial evidence was not obtained, it is devastating to Dreaka's family and friends that actions were not taken towards the arrest of the driver or other individuals involved.

Andreaka was more than a friend to hundreds of people, touching lives everywhere she went. She was beautiful, smart, talented, and beyond an amazing person and deserves justice.

Please uphold justice



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