Justice for an Abuse Victim

Justice for an Abuse Victim

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Vani Samaroo started this petition

I am a victim of Domestic Violence.

Domestic violence ruined my life. I was only 17 years old, when a 25 year old man targeted me. He romantically scammed me, professing love and promising marriage. None of these things came to fruition. 

For 8 years I suffered from his abuse. I don't have screenshots, pictures or videos of things I suffered through, because I never had the intention of leaving him or calling the police. But now I need to protect myself.

Here is a list of things I suffered from:

  • Constant lying, deception and manipulation
  • Cohersion into doing thing I did not want to do
  • Cheating and lying about it
  • Promising to pay back borrowed money and never pay it back
  • Being dragged and thrown out of multiple different homes
  • Being homeless, being a squatter
  • Being humiliated in public
  • Cursing me out and calling me derogatory names in public
  • Body shaming
  • Being shamed for not wanting to do something
  • Peer pressure to smoke
  • Slapped, punched, and spit on my face at least once a month
  • Pretending that I injured myself in public so people would not call the police on him
  • Comparing me to his mother and other women
  • Hundreds of rape and sexual assault
  • Threatening to hurt me
  • Stealing my valuable possessions
  • Giving gifts and then Taking them back
  • Stalking me via social media
  • Harassment of every form
  • Showing my naked pictures to his friend and social media
  • Writing derogatory words on my skin
  • Trying to get me locked up

(If you feel negative after reading this list, then you can imagine how I must feel from being in the recieving end.)

Please sign my petition to show your support in holding him accountable for his actions.

The court case is May 31st 2022. I am calling all victims and all non-victims to open your eyes, and help me get protection. 

I currently have him blocked on all social media. I have no contact with the Abuser.

Also the case is for Violation of a Protective Order/ Violation of Probation.

If you live in the DMV area and are available on the 31st, please consider joining me in court that day (if covid restriction is lifted) to show the judge and court system, that Domestic Violence Victims will stand up for their rights. You can directly contact me at Samaroo.vani@gmail.com

This petition will be updated regularly as we get closer to the court date.

40 have signed. Let’s get to 50!
At 50 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!