Justice for Allan Bryant Jnr - don't accept Police failings, everyone deserves Justice

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We, the undersigned, petition the Rt Hon. Humza Yousaf, MSP / Cabinet Secretary for Justice in Scotland, and Iain Livingstone Chief Constable Police Scotland,  regarding the ongoing investigation by Fife Constabulary and their Major Investigation Team (MIT) with regard to the missing person Allan Bryan Jnr, Glenrothes, Fife, who was last seen outside Styx Nightclub, Glenrothes, Fife, at 2.02am on 3rd November 2013.

We firmly believe that the investigation has been handled badly, and unprofessionally since it's inception on 4th November 2013. That Allan Jnr, and the Bryant family, have been failed, and continue to be failed by Fife Constabulary. Complaints have previously been made by the Bryant family to Police Scotland's Professional Standards Dept. in 2016, and also to PIRC in 2017.  The Professional Standards Dept and PIRC have each upheld several, sometimes differing,  parts of the complaints.

Detailed below are what we deem as failings,  and unprofessional conduct, by Fife Constabulary and their MIT.  In light of these, and in light of Fife Constabulary taking an excessive, and unacceptable,  amount of time to respond to the Bryant family regarding the PIRC findings:

We advise that all faith in Fife Constabulary has been lost and are seeking to have you instruct a different Police Scotland Division to gather and scrutinise all data Fife Constabulary and their MIT hold pertaining to this investigation, and to subsequently take over the investigation  :

Failings and unprofessional conduct include, but are not limited to :

  • Failure to supply a promised Incident Vehicle outside Styx Nightclub the weekend following Allan's disappearance and failing to inform the family of this.  Secondly, in the absence on the Incident Van there was no "highy visible" Police presence as promised.  This was vital in jogging revellers memories of the weekend previous and anything they may have seen or witnessed (upheld by PIRC)
  • Failure to collect CCTV footage from the immediate area, and close surrounding areas, in the immediate days after Allan's disappearance (upheld by PIRC)
  • Because of the above, footage had been overwritten by the time officers did attend to request it.  Additionally some officers who were sent to collect the footage did not have the technical know how  in order to do so.  This means that vital evidence and information could well have been lost.
  • Failure to release CCTV footage to the public domain until seven months after Allan's disappearance thereby limiting its effectiveness (upheld by PIRC).  We also believe this only came about due to the pressure of a social media campaign after the family's request to Fife Constabulary was met with refusal.
  • The family being advised by members of the public when Police searches were being carried out in ponds, quarries etc.  These pieces of information came out of the blue and were deeply distressing for the family, leaving them in limbo and thinking the Police had solid evidence to warrant these searches.  It raised hope, only to have this hope come crashing to the ground when nothing was found. This information should have been supplied by Police Scotland, or the family made aware that they would not be told beforehand. (upheld and apology issued from Professional Stds Dept)
  • Posting Police Scotland "calling cards" through incorrect address letterboxes.  One such card was "delivered" to a named person, stating it was in relation to Allan being missing, on 1st June 2015.  The person it was intended for had moved from that address in January 2013 : almost two years prior to the card being delivered. This gives real cause for concern and can prevent people from coming forward with information as they do not want to be known as someone giving information to the Police and are placed in a state of fear of retribution by others.  (upheld by PIRC)
  • Failing to take written statements from potential witnesses in a timely manner, in one instance 17 months. (upheld and apology issued from Professional Stds Dept)
  • Promises were made by Fife Constabulary investigating team to update the family with a period of 15 minutes allocated to this weekly.  This did not happen  (upheld and apology issued from Professional Stds Dept)
  • In regards to the outcome of the PIRC investigation, Fife Constabulary were invited by the Bryant family (complaint) to respond and advise what they would do to explain, and if possible, remedy, the complaints upheld.  The family were advised that the outcome would be made known to them within four weeks : this has now extended to one year.  This is unacceptable
  • Fife Constabulary advised Allan Bryant Snr that if he "behaved" and stopped criticising Fife Constabulary on his social media page, ie that he would stop voicing his frustration with the police,  that they would put forward Allan Jnr's case to be showcased on "Crimewatch Roadshow".  Allan Snr obliged , but Fife Constabulary did not deliver on their promise and the show did not feature Allan Jnr
  • The Bryants , having had their Family Liasion Officer removed, have no direct means of contact with anyone within Fife Constabulary, and have to use the public 101 number, or a generic email address to be able to speak with anyone, to pass on any new information and to request updates.  Phone calls to 101 more often than not involve leaving a message requesting a return call which does not materialise.
  • In the earlier days of Allan being missing, the family arranged a lot of ground searches themselves with assistance from family members, friends and the general public.  Fife Constabulary said they would assist with these : no assistance was given
  • Further in relation to searches, Fife Constabulary were offered the services of K9 Search & Recovery Scotland.  K9 had previously been used by Police Scotland as they have the only cadaver dogs who can search areas of water.  The offer was refused and shortly afterwards K9 were indeed told they were no longer required by ANY division in Police Scotland.
  • In October/November 2017, Fife Constabulary were requested, by the family,  to release a new appeal for information relating to Allans disappearance as it was the fourth anniverary of him going missing.  The family were advised that if they dropped the complaint against Fife Constabulary (regarding the PIRC issues upheld) then they would be happy to do so as they couldn't do it whilst a complaint was ongoing.  The family considered this then advised Fife Constabulary that they could not promise to drop the complaint until they seen what the appeal would be.  The "appeal" amounted to a "statement" reiterating what has been said for the last four years : nothing new.


During the last five years, and in addition to all of the above, the family have had to constantly fight and fundraise in order to keep Allan Jnr in the public eye and to prevent him from just becoming another "missing person" file.  They still firmly believe that their son has been murdered and his body disposed of.  In addition they are aware that many potential witnesses have, time and again, given the same names to the Fife Constabulary, and their MIT, in relation to Allans disappearance.  More abhorrently, they have had to endure various vile and deeply disturbing communcations from internet trolls : one one of these people actually being sent to prison for it.

On a more positive note, the family do have a social media page which has support worldwide. the support on this page extends to over 82,000 members, all of whom are supporting the family in their search for their son and for justice for their son.  Please join and support the Bryant family : Justice for Allan Bryant Jnr !

Taking all here into consideration, we, and the Bryant family, plead that this investigation, as requested previously, is now passed to another Division within Police Scotland, and that they, as well as us, will seek "Justice for Allan Bryant Jnr"