Justice for Alexander! We the People ask the Illinois Cook County Chief Judge Not To Place An Innocent Child Back In the Hands of a Sex Abuser

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Justice for Alexander! We the People ask the Illinois Cook County Chief Judge Not To Place An Innocent Child Back In the Hands of a Sex Abuser

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Julie Contreras started this petition to State Senator Mattie Hunter and

We are asking people to please sign our petition and ask the judge NOT to place an innocent child back with a father who has sexually abused him.

The Cook County State's Attorney in Chicago says that the child's testimony is not sufficient to prosecute. They say the abuser has constitutional rights.

Alexander told his court appointed Public Guardian that his daddy David placed balls in his poo poo and that it hurt him. The public guardian now says that the abrasions on his rectum could have be caused by the child and now is working with father to take Alexander away from his mother, his mother who is protecting him.

We ask you to please sign this petion to help save Alexander!


Justice for Sexually Abused Child Paralyzed By Corruption
To Protect Cook County Court Auditor for Dorothy Brown

Chicago – Lucy Vega divorced David Manilla back in 2009 after discovering sexual deviant pornographic context on his computer and websites where Manilla was the author of many incest stories instructing mothers and fathers how to have sexual relations with their children. Lucy Vega feared for her then 3 month old child and sought a divorce immediately for fear that Manilla could hurt their new born child.

Lucy Vega had a verbal agreement with Manilla that the child would always visit his father while supervised. Manilla agreed because he did not want Vega to disclose his sexual behavior. Since the child’s birth Manilla agreed to only see his child under supervision by Vega’s family members.

Back in August, 2012 Judge Santiago of the Cook County Family Courts granted David Manilla week end visits without supervision. Lucy Vega requested on numerous occasions that the child have supervised visitations and attempted to provide Judge Santiago with evidence of Manilla’s sexual deviant behavior & a video of her child having a complete melt down while pleading for help when his father attempted to pick him up. Judge refused to allow this evidence into court. Also several Motions requesting a Child Representative for her son were denied. Manilla has only appeared in court two times in an entire year of court hearings and Judge Santiago has allowed his attorney Mary Katherine Avery to use “here say” evidence each time Manilla has failed to appear in court.

The minor child of Lucy Vega reported abuse to his pediatrician who as a mandated reporter immediately called the child abuse hot line in the state of Illinois to file report. Child was also taken to U of C Hospital where reports confirm abrasions in anal area. Child was sent to Chicago Children’s Advocacy center where DCFS, CPD and States Attorney are all housed for sexual abuse cases and this agency also receives millions of dollars to assist children like Lucy Vega’s child. Lucy Vega has felt since day one no one at CCAC has really cared or has helped her child. Leaders say that many of these so called “advocacy” centers are just using children as pawns in a culture of greed and corruption.

LULAC has filed complaints on behalf of Vega and the minor child with CPD, DCFS and Independent Police Review Board in Chicago. Lucy Vega has also written to President Barack Obama asking for his urgent intervention.

Lucy Vega is expected to be in court this coming Monday and Manilla the alleged child abuser has filed for custody of their child. As of today DCFS notified Vega’s attorney that the case will be unfounded, this is even after an expert report from Behavioral Health & Education Specialist was provided to them of a psychological examination of the minor child identifying sexual abuse.The child has identified to three certified therapist of the sexual abuse and all have called in allegations to DCFS hotline. Currently child is receiving weekly pychotherapy at BHES.

Lucy Vega mother of the minor child stated, “Why are the police and DCFS not listening to my child and validating his cry for help? I wish the court could see my child when he is screaming at night for me to help him and when he has a panic attack in the car driving because he fears that he will be hurt again by his father. I promised my son that I will do whatever it takes to keep him safe from harm!”

David Manilla is an Auditor for the Office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court Dorothy Brown and audits the Bridgeview, Maywood, Rolling Meadows, Markham, Daley Center and 26th St & California court files. David Manilla’s job is to review court files/ documents and monitor errors. He has been an employee for over 15 years and is well known by many Judges and supervisors in the court system which he evaluates. LULAC sent a letter and photographic evidence to Dorothy Brown and the Inspector General of the Cook County Clerk where Manilla is utilizing his work computer to chat online with young females at his work desk. There has been no response from the office of the clerk. Leaders believe that possibly David Manilla could be a huge liability for the Clerk of the Circuit Court and he could possibly possess information that could disclose court room corruption in Cook County and that is why this child predator is being protected and not prosecuted.

Julie Contreras, President of LULAC of Waukegan said, “Judge Santiago is an elected official. We as citizens and voters need to hold her accountable for her actions on the bench. She does not possess a degree in human psychology and should be looking very carefully at what is provided to the court by experts in this field for the safety and welfare of this child. LULAC will be observing this hearing and if need be request an immediate investigation by the DOJ.”

Experts say that a very small percentage of children who are victims of incest find the courage to tell someone of the abuse. These disclosures for the child victim are as painful as the incest itself. Many times they do not want to cause problems; they just want it to stop. Many studies do not reveal why one child discloses and why another child does not. Experts do say though, that it is extremely important for a disclosure to be heard respectfully and to be believed.

Child Abuse advocates, civil rights organizations, family and friends will gather to stand next to Lucy Vega at her court hearing this coming Monday. Leaders say that sexual abuse and incest happens to children from all backgrounds and that as a community united they must be a voice for the minor child of Lucy Vega and seek justice in the Circuit Court of Cook County.



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