Justice For Aarushi and Hemraj

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Justice For Aarushi and Hemraj

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Give Aarushi Talwar Justice started this petition to Shri Ranjit Sinha (CBI Director) and

Aarushi, daughter of Drs. Rajesh and Nupur Talwar was found murdered in their Noida apartment on 16th May 2008, just 1 week before her 14th B’day. The body of their domestic help, Hemraj was recovered the next day. The case was initially handled by the UP police and later by 2 CBI teams. The UP police mishandled the case as they lacked professional expertise essential for getting evidence on the spot. In order to cover up for their inept handling they fabricated a baseless and a make-believe story, implicating the parents.

The 1st CBI team after a thorough and scientific investigation, rejected the fabricated story as they had strong evidence to nail the servants. However, for reasons best known to CBI the team was replaced when they were about to complete the investigation. The new team ignored the findings of the 1st team and went back to the UP police theory, implicating the parents by manipulation, in the absence of evidence.

This led to an unprecedented situation where the innocent parents were made to undergo trial and have recently been convicted, the actual culprits being still at large. We appeal to save the innocent parents from this unfortunate situation.

Malafide Intent of the 2nd CBI team is revealed by the following facts:

1.  The explosive finding in the CDFD report, that confirmed the discovery of blood of one of the murdered victims on Krishna’s pillow, has been present with the CBI since November 2008. Despite having scientific evidence (Krishna admitted the crime during Narco) and physical evidence against Krishna, the CBI deliberately omitted to mention this in their closure report filed in December 2010. When this fact was brought to the knowledge of the CBI, they tried to dismiss this critical evidence as a typographical error.

2.  Despite the fact that the 1st CBI team arrested the servants based on scientific tests, the 2nd CBI team did not investigate their role as per the closure report, and gave them a clean chit.

3.  Khukri recovered from Krishna’s room which may have helped to nail the   killer was never sent to CDFD for DNA analysis.

4.   The biased attitude of the 2nd CBI team is further confirmed by the fact that they have suppressed tests done by the 1st CBI team which were in favor of the Talwars. They did not submit the scientific tests to the trial court and did not mention the ‘Sound Test’ in the closure report.

We wish to petition for investigating the manner in which the CBI has made insinuations, fabricated evidence and along with the top scientific laboratory manipulated forensic reports in an attempt to influence the courts.

The CBI has fed the media with incorrect facts, has biased the public mind and misled the courts. It is necessary that absolute innocence of the Talwars be proven and their pride be restored.

Aarushi can never rest in peace if her parents are wrongly framed!

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This petition had 7,268 supporters