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Justice for 8,000 animals slain at Humane Society

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The McCracken County Humane Society violated the law by euthanizing around 8,000 animals without using sedation. The practices used were inhumane, unsanitary and sickening. An employee shot video and audio evidence of animals crying out in pain on the brink of death and piles of bloody animals in agony dieing slowly. Not only has the execution of these animals been illegally and horribly performed for years, but the misery extends to the animals who live there as well. There is aboslutely no reason this should ever happen to any animal, especially one sent to a HUMANE society. Whats worse, is that the defendents attorney has filed a motion to have the case dismissed, stating it is not a crime. Not a crime? The people charged in this case should get the maximum sentences, which are minimal at best but at least it would mean justice for all the innocent animals who were cruelly tortured and killed at the hands of a trusted and licensed humane society. The hearing is set for March 6.

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