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Fourteen-year-old B.H.J. was used as "bait" by a teacher to catch another student who was sexually harassing her, resulted in her being raped.

Though the boy's sexual harassment and propositioning was well known by Sparkman Middle School administrators and teachers, nothing had been done to protect female students.

B.H.J.'s teacher decided to "catch" him in the act by coercing her into meeting him in a bathroom. B.H.J. expected that someone would follow her in, but nobody did. While the teacher waited in her classroom, B.H.J. was raped.

The lawsuit brought by the girl's family against the school states that this incident was part of a systemic failure "to supervise, discipline, suspend and expel students who pose a real and immediate danger to their fellow students."

Tell the Madison County School Board to take immediate action to respond to the situation and make certain such incidents do not occur in the future. This means removing the teacher from her position, expelling the student rapist, and implementing policy guidelines on how schools are expected to deal with sexual harassment that protects victims.

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Letter to
Superintendent, Madison County Schools Dr. Terry Davis
Director of Communications/Public Relations Geraldine Tibbs
Director of Middle School Ed. Tim Solley
A 14-year-old girl at Sparkman Middle School reported being repeatedly sexually harassed by another student, then charges she was used as bait, leading to her rape.

The teacher, June Simpson, who used the student in this manner should be immediately removed from her position. Whatever her motivation in setting up the trap, she put a child in danger, which had serious permanent consequences, and was too negligent to even follow up on her "plan" to ensure the girl's safety. The student rapist, C.C., must be expelled immediately.

This rape was part of a larger failure to properly address sexual harassment of girls at school. The fact that the school administration and teachers were aware of the harassment and proposition but had not taken action is simply unacceptable. To make certain this does not happen in the future, please implement guidelines requiring teachers and administrators to intervene whenever reports of sexual harassment come to their attention, to firstly protect the safety of victims, and secondly deal with the perpetrator. Furthermore, we ask that the Superintendent issue a statement to the committing affirming the district's commitment to ending sexual harassment and assault in its schools.

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