Justice for 10 years old Defiled Girl

Justice for 10 years old Defiled Girl

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Started by Xorlali Deletsu

A ten year old class 3 pupil (name withheld) is battling for her life after four men allegedly defiled her at Abura Adunfa in the Ebura Asebu Kwamankese districtt of the Central region.

As GHONE TV’s central regional correspondent Yao Boadjan reports, the girl bleeds excessively and cannot control her bowel. The 10 year old victim of multiple sexual development cases has been reported to have pains while walking she confessed the suspect Yao Raga -39 years, Wofa Yao-63 years and the two other men dragged her into the room defiled her, cautioning her against disclosing the act to anybody lest they kill her.

The victim out of fear, kept the matters a secret till her parents interrogated after discovering her bleeding from her genitals. According to her, she cannot work well nor sit for long and complaints of severe pains.

Mother of the victim, Maame Akua Grace, is calling on the police in the Ebura Asebu Kwamankese district to investigate the matter. She however sudden that people in the community and the victim’s schoolmates stigmatize her due to the situation.

Meanwhile, some residents in the community have expressed disappointment in the police for allegedly shelving the case to gather dust. Some resident however were at the scene to grab the perpetrators to the police station.

The victim is currently battling for her life at the Ebura Dunkwan hospital.

It's unfortunate that there’s been several of such cases lately but only a few get the needed justice, we call on you to sign this campaign to get justice for this 10 years old girl who is battling for her life so the appropriate authorities like 5he office of the Attorney General, Minister for Women, children and Gender Protection, the IGP, the Central Regional Police Commander, traditional authority, religious leaders amongst others, to make sure the perpetrators are made to face the full rigor of the law while the victim is given the needed health attention.

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1,365 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!