Get mark feely locked up and away from our children

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This is the beast mark feely. He has been grooming our children online. hundreds of children maybe more. Sending explicit images and videos to children as young as 9 years old!!

Mark feely seems to think hes above the law and hes allowed to get away with what hes doing.

Several occasions hes been locked up with numerous booklets of evidence provided by hunters and child protection officers.

Every single time he is released pending further investigation, and within and hour he is straight back out there doing what he does best! Grooming our kids!!!!

Action needs taking to protect our children and not protected a monster such and mark feely!!! 

Please sign and share this everywhere!! Its about time all of these monsters were dealt with accordingly and punished!!!

We pay taxes for the criminal justice system and police resources so why are we ignored??? Do your job and safeguard our children!!! 

How can any officer sleep at night knowing mark feely and other monsters are still out there?? 

I'm begging as a mother/grandmother and on behalf of our nation, and all survivors of abuse, and also on behalf of every person who has taken there own life because of preditors such as mark feely..... 

We want justice!!! Its not alot to ask!!!