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In November 2019 I filed a request to change my daughter’s school  after we moved. I sold our house in Whitmore Lake, as I was spending most of my time in Sterling Heights with my fiancé and could not afford to maintain my house as well as building a new life in Sterling Heights. I tried to work with my ex-husband to make an arrangement that was as close to 50/50 as I could possibly get while allowing , he refused, stating that he would never pay me child support.

At one of the first court hearings, the referee stated that “she would just keep ”. After several court dates, two of which were canceled by the referee (my lawyer indicated that he had never had the referee cancel, and she canceled on me not once but twice), the referee made her recommendation in November 2020. The day before 7th birthday, I received the news that the referee made the decision to move my daughter to live with her dad full time. Our custody was split from 50/50 to me having her 22% of the time. I have my daughter a total of 88 nights a year, 88 nights.

My lawyer filed an objection and on December 23, 2020, the judge ruled in favor of the referee. My entire life was turned upside down on that day.

In January 2021 a new lawyer filed an appeal with the Michigan Court of Appeals, unfortunately, since they did not break any laws, we did not win the case.

Some of the facts of the court case included my ex-husband testifying that he left our daughter, who was 6 years old at the time alone in a swimming pool with no supervision. My ex-husband shot his family dog in the back of the head and buried it in a shallow grave in his backyard, weeks after it had bitten a kid. The dog in question, bit a kid in the face, leaving her with scars and they continued to allow the dog to be in the presence of kids, not once taking it to the vet to be seen, then the dog nipped another kid. Weeks after the second incident, took his dog out to the backyard and shot it in the back of the head. Less than two months later, he went and got another dog.

swallowed a plastic heart, the size of a quarter, while at her dad’s house. And, more recently, she was involved in a 4-wheeler accident while a 9-year-old was driving. CPS was called,proceeded to tell the CPS worker and a doctor in which I had to take her to per CPS’s request that she wanted  to stop beating her kids. I am waiting to receive the report from CPS so I can try to file another motion.

When was in the 4-wheeler accident, I was not told about it from her dad. I found out whentold her aunt, who then told me. I asked her dad about the incident, he said that she “fell off” the 4-wheeler. That night, I asked  about the accident, she said that (the 9-year-old) was driving, they hit a tree and fell off, the 4-wheeler then rolled over her leg. called her dad that night, who proceeded to scream at her for lying, saying that she did not get run over, he then admitted that he did not witness the accident.

After she got off the phone with him, she then proceeded to tell me about how his girlfriend had taken her to the doctors the week prior. I was never notified of her appointment; I was never notified that his girlfriend was taking her. I contacted  I asked him about his girlfriend taking to the doctors, he then proceeded to tell me that “he” took her, and that  was lying. argued with her dad, that he was at work, he didn’t take her. proceeded to scream at for lying. I requested to know where she went to the doctors, and what day and he refused to tell me anything.

A few days later,was able to direct me exactly to the doctor’s office location and even managed to tell me exactly where  parked. I went inside and was able to obtain a copy of the paperwork filled out by. Again, I contacted  and he still repeatedly stated that he is the one who took her. I called the doctor’s office and spoke to the office manager, he was able to send me the notes from the office, indicating that the “mom had called to make the appointment and that the babysitter would be bringing her in” and he sent me the credit card receipt from who paid the office fee.

Even after being presented with this information,  still lied indicating that HE took her to the doctors. I contacted the school, as the appointment was for a sports physical. The school sent me the paperwork that was turned in, the paperwork was forged by, signing Inman’s signature. The paperwork that filled out at the doctor’s office, she intentionally left off my information. I notified the school that the paperwork turned in was forged and that it was not a parent’s signature on the paperwork. The athletic department, the principal, the school board, and the superintendent wrote it off, indicating that they don’t check signatures and that if they have a signature on file, that is all they need. The athletic director did have come in and sign the paperwork. I have a copy of the original form that was turned in, and the copy that was signed by , clearly signed by two different people.

I was instructed by a lawyer to file a police report against for forgery and impersonation. I went to Fowlerville Police Department and filed a report.  I provided the documentation to the police department, showing the note from the doctor’s office where called stating she was  mom, that she paid for the appointment, the documentation from the school with the forged signature, and the form actually signed by . I wrote out a witness statement indicating everything that I knew of. During my conversation with the officer, we discussed the incident regarding the 4-wheeler because I wanted to let her know the details of what I have been going through.

After the police did their investigation, I was informed that the police would not be pressing any charges. I obtained a copy of the police report, and the police report was full of lies and did not actually address any of the concerns that I raised. The police report noted that according to that the 4-wheeler was a toy, it was a gas-powered 4-wheeler, not sure how that is classified as a toy. The only thing that is mentioned regarding my concerns was the fact that did in fact take to the doctors. Everything else was ignored and not addressed. When I discussed this with the Chief of police, he indicated that they could only go by what  said, and completely disregarded all the evidence that I turned in.

I have previously filed a motion, regarding all of the lies that told in court, and regardless of everything that was said in court, because it wasn’t in the court order regarding our custody, they wouldn’t do anything about it. I, unfortunately, missed the time to file an objection due to the death of my mother. Speaking of, regarding the death of my mother, my mother passed away on June 8, 2021, we held a memorial for her on Friday, June 11, 2021. I requested that be able to attend the memorial for her grandmother and ignored me and did not allow  to go. I now deal with  having meltdowns due to not being able to say goodbye to her granny. When I asked why he didn’t let her go, his response was because he didn’t want to see her in a casket, however, my mother was cremated and there was no casket, then he said because it was “his time”. On that day, Friday, June 11,  spent the day at his house with his girlfriend, while he was at work, not even with her.

In the 11 months since  has lived with, he refuses to co-parent.  terrified of him, when I bring it up to him regarding her being terrified of him, he tells me she isn’t. has also indicated that does not hit her kids, even though  has given details regarding the abuse at the hands of his girlfriend. Although does not hit it does not change the mental abuse that she is suffering due to witnessing the abuse.

I do not want to take  away from, he is her dad and always will be. However, being ripped away from me, the person who has taken care of her since she was born cannot be good for her. I have always taken  to all her medical appointments, now I am not even being informed when they make them for her.


I am begging for anyone to investigate this case and please help  I know that I am not the only person who has been devastatingly affected by decisions made by the Livingston County Friend of the Court, the court system needs to be investigated. Livingston County is not doing what is best for the kids, it is doing what is best for Livingston County. Please, please help me and the other parents who have negatively been affected by their decisions. There is a case Jenna Lynn Lindsay V Jason Brassfield, Livingston County court has ruled that the child must stay in Howell Schools, however, neither of the parents live in Livingston County.

There are other events that have happened over the course of the last 11 months, these events are the more prominent ones that come to mind. Please, I am begging someone to bring this injustice to light. Once I can obtain the CPS report, we are going to be filing another motion, but unfortunately, I am not confident in the Livingston County Friend of the Court.


209 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
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