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WHY DO I SUBMIT THIS PETITION   I am ashamed at Frisian authorities for being blind and closed eyed to men beating women. It is not appropriate that the police can not stop one man, having been informed of his behavior. It is happening again and again, but the local "top Holland" coffee dealer/owner of the company Coffee4all located in Drachten Frisland , keeps inviting women from abroad and beating them. Such actions  can not be tolerated. Why should he be seen as a top Dutch businessman, respected member of society and good role model for developing kids?   It is not the culture and behavior Europe expects from Frisian society and authorities who are responsible for the protection of the abused and for giving children proper role models. If you join me it could force Frisland to change it's attitude towards abusive and discriminative , blinkered lack of support for domestic violence victims,  NB if these victims are females coming from outside the Netherlands.   I personally wrote a letter to the Ministry of Justice, but the Ministry showed lack of will  to deal with this horrifying discriminative attitude of the authorities towards non-Dutch victims of domestic violence. Now the situation is awkward, abuser continues abusing women and no responsibility is being held upon him   I came across this story and added this link, I have checked all the facts and contacted the authorities, starting from the police all the way up to the Ministry of Justice and I was astounded that the facts are even clearer and more disturbing, than when you make your first impression after reading this link. I feel there should be wider attention from society to this case, women are repeatedly abused , children are involved and the man avoids any responsibility.

Letter to
To bring attention to the injustice brought in Frisland (Netherlands)
I have a horrifying and violent story of assault against women, I came across this site and want to submit my petition against Domestic Violence, discrimination and aggression towards women. The lead singer of Local Frisian (Netherlands), rock band called The Mellonballs and dealer of the Moca D'or coffee company and supplier of their coffee in Drachten, Mr Daniel Dijkstra, ex Fortune Hotdrinks manager. is repeatedly involved in cases of violence towards women. It is horrifying that more than 3 female partners of this man, in a row, have been beaten. It is even more horrific that these women were all invited to the Netherlands by this man from foreign countries and are then abused, mentally and physically tortured by a man who portrays himself as an upstanding member of local society. Violence against women should not be accepted.

I always ask is this corruption or discrimination against foreign women from so called "third world" countries, that helps to cover this abusive behavior?

I have personally received an email from one of his previous female partners describing psychopathic aggressive abuse towards her and asking to give help towards his then current girlfriend. Here is a quote:
" It's enough you want to help her. I don't know Irina either.. She is just
the wife of my ex-boyfriend. She wrote me a couple of letters where she
asked for help. And here I am! Why? Because I know her husband very good.. I
know - that person is really sick. And if we don't help her - he will kill
her one day.. He can do that... Living with him - people can get crazy too.
He is also very good in manipulations, as you don't even understand what is going on. His disposition can change every 2 min., so you can not build a bridge-conversation. You can not get a dialog with him, just a monolog.. He is making things up in his mind. He doesn't make the difference what is the
reality and what is made up.. To understand who he is - you need to live
with him a couple of months.. And he is very dangerous. He can easily beat a
woman, violate, hurt, jeer, torture..He is very aggressive and has sadistic
deviations. He is enjoying when a woman cry. First he is humiliating you,
and then you start to cry (if you start to confrontate him verbally - he can
easily beat you up. And then say that that was your fault.. That you are crazy and have to thank God he ( Daniel) is sooo good with you..and he loves
you.. Craziness!!) - he is telling that you are nothing in this world, and
that you have to listen to what he says as he knows better everything. You have to thank him every day as he lives with a crazy woman and gives her everything (a good life...!!!?!??!?!??? hahah...).
Anyways - I can speak about his psychotic character 1 day long... let's not do that. He doesn't desire his name even to be remembered...I was hurt a lot by him.. I did forgive him (as he is sick), but I didn't forget it..
Getting to the point - Daniel's ex girlfriend (before me), claimed about him in the police... In the low court he said that SHE was the one who beat him,
and SHE is the one who is really sick.. And did bring with him false proof about her, her life. Also letters of his friends where he comes in a very positive light, etc.. The judge softened and Daniel came clean out!!! Welcome in our free country - The Netherlands!!

I did my best to contact local authorities and local police, but the authorities were too slow in their reaction and in the meantime his then current girlfriend was moved by the police to an anonymous shelter for her own safety. His new girlfriend who came after her and also from outside the Netherlands was also abused to the point were the police were again involved the authorities failed in their duty to make him responsible for his actions.

The most frightening fact is that two small children under the age of 3 were involved and witnessed the aggression towards the women. Police have been informed about the aggressive behavior of this man, (there are more than these 3 cases mentioned above), women who have asked the police for help in connection with this man, but he continues to be able to abuse women. How is it possible that in a democratic society (Kingdom of the Netherlands), one particular man during a decade continues to abuse females? Police have been informed, authorities do not stop him, he keeps bringing women and children from abroad to abuse them and Friesian society supports this?

The man proclaims himself to be a top Dutch businessman

I love coffee, but I am ashamed at the response of Moca 'dor and Frisian society to coffee dealers bashing women. I would refuse to drink their coffee. As a coffee fan I can not believe that Friesland can allow this kind of culture to continue. What is the meaning of someone to call himself "swaffel"? (Mellonballs and swaffel are terms of abusive acts towards women). Why women and children should be victims of such an attitude?

Rock music should not be seen an a ground to breed violence. Fans of the Rock should refuse to support such musicians.

I would call upon all fans of this band to boycott The Mellonballs. It would send a signal to the abuser that there are serious consequences for beating women. I would like Friesian society and local authorities to take meaningful steps to end this violence towards women.

I want your support in forcing the central authorities of the Netherlands to investigate the cases of the aggression towards women and stop the violence. It is obvious that on local level something prevents the police from taking the measures. Violence is not being denied and the abuser keeps going!

Sincerely yours

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