Introduce legislation to end bullying

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Do you know someone who's life has been affected by bullying?

Far too many people usually young teens end up taking their own life from being bullied either online,at school, or in the workplace. People such as teachers and employers who haven't been there don't realize the effects of bullying has on a victim their mental health and try to sweep the issue under the rug, ignore it and not consider it a form of illness. I was bullied every day 8 hours a day 40 hrs/week for months until I got so emotionally, mentally, and physically run down that I was forced to go on sick leave for 6 months before i took my own life.  As a result from the mental, and emotional abuse I developed PTSD and still struggle with the effects from being bullied over 3 years later.  An anti-bully legislation will give victims a piece of mind knowing that they can work and/or play in a healthy and safe atmosphere free of psychological abuse and harassment and if a situation does arise victims know they have support and measures to ensure a healthy lifestyle including the option of mediation or severe consequences of their abuser.