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Justice against Schenectady Police corruption

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We want Justice against the Schenectady police department. They’ve been getting away with corruption for years. Here we make a plea that the higher authorities or anyone within their powers (FBI or DOJ) will heroically help us with what Schenectady’s judicial system has failed to do. We want answers for wrongfully convicted drug offenders done by rewarding informants (drug addicts) with money, drugs, immunity and protection. They need to do their jobs and stop relying on these drug abusers who are unreliable and not credible because they themselves are criminals. In a recent case "Schenectady confidential drug informant pleads guilty to framing Scotia Smoke shop owner." James Slater falsely accused Shop owner Andrews of selling crack cocaine. The officers raided the shop arrested him and put him in jail. Thanks to his surveillance cameras showed Slater pull the drugs from his pants and took a picture of it on the store counter. He then gave the photos to police and testified at Grand Jury that he bought the drugs from Mr. Andrews. With out his proof he would have faced 20 years in prison. Where is the justice in this!! This is not the first time Schenectady Police have allowed these drug users/confidential informants set up innocent people, and it won't be the last if we don't demand change. This injustice stems right back to the case a year ago that started this petition. Gazette Headlines "Schenectady heroin dealer silent, gets 7 years". The judge begged Mr. Gibson to tell him who made the sale because he KNEW it wasn't him. He felt it so much he retrieved juror votes from the trash to see how they voted, a case where a juror cried when the verdict was read, another came forward saying they were outnumbered and pressured to vote. Taron Gibson was convicted based only on the identification of a confidential informant who testified at trial was abusing drugs. Out of 4 police officers not one could identify who the alleged dealer was. The judge proved with his confusion prosecutors didn't prove who made sale.... Yet Mr. Gibson was sent to prison away from his family hoping the appellate division does whats in the best interest of justice that Schenectady didnt!  We citizens must come together since our government repeatedly ignores our rights and acts if they are above the law. Lets help Free Mr. Gibson and other wrongfully accused innocent people. Please sign this petition because you can make a difference. Let your voice be heard!

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