Justice for SAL

Justice for SAL

August 9, 2022
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Started by Larri Lee

On July 12, 2022, Salvador LLoyd Vigil, a 38 year old was murdered by a female tenant who lived in his apt building. Affectionately known as SAL, he lived alone in an apartment complex in Aurora, Colorado. On this morning he was walking his young dog at 10am in the morning. He apparently left his door unlocked, because he had no keys on him. It was summer, he simply went outside with his dog on a leash, shirtless with his sunglasses on.

The police state there were no witnesses and the only account of contact between the two is from the murderer. She told the police that they argued outside, we believe the issue was about her dogs. Sals mother, Shirley recalls this woman with three big dogs on previous occasions while visiting, because the dogs were uncontrollable as she exited the building, people appeared fearful of her and her dogs. Shirley said they would have to move out of the way of her because this woman did not appear to be able to control the dogs. The property manager later stated their leases there was a pet fee and no more than two dogs were allowed in the apartment. Somehow she was allowed to illegally house three large uncontrollable vicious acting dogs.    

This woman also claims she & Sal argued a few minutes until one of her dogs ran off. Obviously it was not on the leash. She admitted to the police that she left, went to her first floor apartment, put two of her dogs inside and retrieved her handgun. She claimed she was fearful of Sal, however she was the one with three large mean dogs, one running wild outside and she now was armed. Sal was clearly unarmed shirtless, with only his young dog on a leash and sunglasses. The police stated a ring video from a block away showed that within 20 seconds, she returned to the area where Sal was still walking his dog.  She told police they continued to argue back and forth again, so she showed her gun to Sal, as she illegally brandished a weapon. Then she shot him directly in the chest at close range severing his main heart artery.  It was at that moment she decided to call 911. Sal died at the hospital. His young dog, Dakota ran off in fear and had to be retrieved by animal control.

Police/Homicide detectives claim they are investigating this murder, however they interviewed this woman and let her go home the same day. They claim a U.S. Attorney (U.S. Attorneys office Denver 720-508-6000) was at the interview and agreed to let her go at this time. By 4pm that afternoon, no tape, no police, not one iota of evidence was in the area as if nothing had even happened. 

The continued police blunders and inability to perform crime scene procedures properly as a decent Police Department, Aurora Police included the fact that they did NOT identify or secure Sal‘s apartment. Knowing he had no keys on his person the time of the incident. They ignored this information therefore allowed anyone, maintenance, other apartment personnel and/or possible tenants to enter Sal’s apartment and commit grand larceny while he incapacitated in an ambulance. We know this fact because his apartment was locked the day after the incident. The apartment appeared as if it was ransacked with furniture turned over, items broken and a lot of missing items. Two televisions, a laptop, projector, xbox, games, boxed Jordan sneaker’s and other valuables were missing. All of his sports apparel, basketball and football jerseys were all taken. Extremely obvious was that the bedroom clothing closet was completely empty the first three days. However on the fourth day, we entered his apt & some shirts and pants reappeared in the bedroom closet with a lot of empty hangers. It was apparent that people were coming in and out of his apartment with a key. The police were again notified.

Both sets of Sal’s keys, cellphone and wallet were retrieved by his mother a few days later from his hiding spot inside the apt.

SAL was a Coloradan outdoorsman, a Bronco fan who enjoyed hiking, biking, & an all around sports athlete and fan. A few years earlier, Sal was hit by a car while riding his bicycle, was thrown 30 feet and suffered with the lasting effects of a Traumatic Brain Injury. He lived with pain in his neck, back and cognitive issues, therefore unable to enjoy many of his past adventures. In addition, in late 2021, two men knocked on his apt door, attacked and robbed him leaving him unconscious overnight. 

Sal never owned a weapon, and was a worthy, courageous, good man. This tragic murder has his family devastated and we are determined to seek Justice for Sal. 

Homicide detectives (Lead Det. Chamberlin 303-739-6233) interviewed Sal’s mother who claimed they were there to answer her questions, however they would not answer many stating they are waiting for the full autopsy report before they can put their case together for the U.S. Attorneys office, knowing this woman shot and killed an unarmed shirtless man over a verbal argument.

In addition, Victim services stated until the police provided documentation that Sal was murdered, they could not release victim service monies for the services. Sal’s loving and giving family, friends and the community donated everything.     

We are requesting any assistance, of any kind regarding this homicide. Its been a month and the murderer is still free, at home living her life, as if nothing happened.

We need justice for Sal NOW!

Please contact us at “Justice 4 SAL” @ 303-435-8980.   

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Signatures: 965Next Goal: 1,000
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