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Parental Alienation Is Abuse! Children Deserve Both Parents!

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There is a global epidemic that is just as devastating as Cancer! It is taking hold! However unlike Cancer this epidemic can be controlled! All it takes is understanding, compromise, unselfishness and most importantly love for your child! Alienating a parent from their child doesn't just destroy that parents life! It destroys Aunties lives, Uncles lives, Cousins lives, Grandparents lives and most importantly your Children's lives! This has to stop! Too many hearts are being broken and too many lives are being lost because you can't move on! You can't get over your issues! When it comes to your children, it is about them! It is not about hurting other people, because in hurting them you are hurting your children! You taught your children to love someone unconditionally, then you ask them to hate them or choose sides or tell them lies and stories! This isn't healthy for anyone especially a child! Look around you, there is so many troubled youths out their with no future! It doesn't have to be that way! Make separation about your children and their best interest! Each parent is unique! They each have their own qualities, personalities, they each have their own skills and advice to share with their children! Why restrict your child to only one parent and a fraction of a loving family? Parental alienation is a controllable epidemic! All you have to do is put your children first! If your ex was good enough to have a child with and be in your children's life while you were together, then they are good enough to be in their lives forever! Unless you have legitimate proof via video footage, poly-graph test then your child deserves to have that parent in their lives!  Denying your child the right to a loving parent and family is abuse! This world is a sad place without all the troubled kids out there! Teach your children how to be loving, respectful, how to have faith and most importantly the importance of commitment! Sign this petition if you believe that people need to put their children's needs first over their own! Sign this petition if you are against parental alienation! Sign this petition if you believe children deserve the love of their entire family! Sign this petition if you are sick of seeing children get hurt! Thank you! 

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