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Everyday I constantly hear about people being bullied and end up killing themselves because the bullies were allowed to get away with it. HELP PUT A STOP TO BULLYING! STAND UP!

Letter to
Justic System
We've experienced several tragic suicides of middle-school aged children -- each provoked by anti-LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) bullying and harassment.
Help stop the Bullying of Everyone.
Anyone who was ever bullied for their looks. Living situation, friends, grades, clothes. ANYTHING. Please help stop bullying by sending this petition to everyone.

These heartbreaking student suicides are a chilling reminder to all of us that we need to stand up and take action to prevent the perpetuation of soul crushing anti-LGBT behavior,that is claiming young lives.

Passing the Safe Schools Improvement Act (H.R. 2262) would mark a pivotal turning point in the crucial fight for safer schools. It would establish -- for the first time in our nation's history -- a federal mandate for schools to adopt anti-bullying policies that include the categories of sexual orientation and gender identity/expression. This act would ensure that schools no longer get a "pass" when they turn a blind eye to anti-LGBT behavior, and it would require them to address all forms of bullying.

Take a stand today. Urge your representative to support the Safe Schools Improvement Act today.