Just Say NO to LH Gun Range

Just Say NO to LH Gun Range

August 9, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Bernard Yaged

On July 28, 2022, the Echoes-Sentinel reported that the Long Hill Township Committee granted Bob Centamore a temporary firearms permit at its July 13 meeting, allowing a shooting range on his White Bridge Road Property … Centamore has filed an application with Township Clerk Megan Phillips to host handgun shooting and skeet shooting on his property.

Centamore said that he uses a .22-caliber Magnum for handgun shooting and a shotgun for skeet shooting. He also shoots an AR which can shoot a lot of high-caliber bullets very quickly. It was noted that one of his neighbors, Great Swamp Greenhouses, had a problem with the noise. Committeeman Victor Verlezza expressed concerns over the noise and said, “I think this requires a lot of thought and a lot of input.” The committee ultimately agreed to approve the firearm permit on a temporary basis.

Many Long Hill homeowners are unhappy with the idea of a gun shooting range at 651 Whitebridge Road, Gillette. There are several areas of concern.

·        The gun range will impact the peaceful enjoyment of our homes and properties. The quality of life will be diminished for many residents.  Why would the Township Committee want to do this to residents?

·        The noise from the gun range will make our homes less valuable.  Why should homeowners have to suffer a property value loss caused by the gun range?

·        The decrease in home value should lead to lower tax assessments.  How will Long Hill make up for the reduced tax revenues?

·        The gun range, adjacent to the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge, is inconsistent with its original purpose. Will Federal approvals be needed?

·        Skeet shooting will scatter shotgun pellets in the Great Swamp, which in turn can lead to lead poisoning of water fowl.  Will an environmental impact study be required?

·        Gun range sites can become toxic and hazardous.  Has the property owner applied for permits to allow him to pollute the groundwater with lead and other toxic metals?  

·        If the site is identified as a hazardous site in the future, who will pay for remediation?

·        What permits are required at the County, State, and Federal level for a shooting range at this site?

Therefore we ask the Township Committee:  PLEASE: No Gun Range in Long Hill Until Questions Answered.


This petition was prepared by Bernard Yaged, 32 Magna Drive, Gillette, NJ  07933

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Signatures: 390Next Goal: 500
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