Stop the Jurupa Valley Truck Stop

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The town I live in has some of the worst asthma and pollution-related health issues in the country and our city will make the situation even worse if they approve a proposed truck stop.

My name is Dania, and I live in Jurupa Valley, California. I attend school next to a road which sees over 800 trucks pass every hour, and our community suffers serious health effects because of it. The Mira Loma community in the city of Jurupa Valley has been fighting against the industrialization of their neighborhoods for years. A once rural-agricultural community has been overrun with warehouses and diesel trucks that pollute the air and lungs of residents and create excess traffic and increasing commute times.

Join us in demanding that the Jurupa Valley City Council stop this truck stop before it does more damage to our lungs and our community.

On October 24, 2018, the Jurupa Valley Planning Commission voted to approve the “Pilot Flying J Travel Center”, an 11-acre truck stop proposal located less than a mile from the local high school and Mira Loma Village, a community of 101 homes. The proposal was appealed and will now be reviewed by the Jurupa Valley City Council for a final decision. The approval of the truck stop would further increase the diesel particulate pollution in a region that is already overburdened by ozone and PM 2.5 pollution, as well as add additional vehicles to an already over-congested road. Residents and students have shared their stories of asthma, double-lung transplants, and other health issues that they believe is the effect of living next to a road that sees over 800 trucks every hour.

The ability to live, work, play, and go to school in healthy, toxic-free communities is made possible by just and equitable planning decisions that prioritize community health over corporate wealth.

If the truck stop is approved at the city council meeting 7pm on December 20, 2018 at the Jurupa Valley City Hall, the fate of the health of our community is sealed. It will be obvious that our elected officials do not care about the health and safety of our residents and students.

Please add your name to let the Jurupa Valley City Council know that you DO NOT support the “Pilot Flying J Travel Center” proposal so close to schools and homes.