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Treat your pregnant staff members with dignity and respect

Jupiters Casino and Treasury Casino are both owned by Echo Entertainment Group.

Echo says it values the well being of its staff, but United Voice, the Casino Employees Union believes that the company could do more to live up to its stated values.

Jupiters, Echo’s casino on the Gold Coast, provides car parking for customers and staff. Staff park on the upper levels and walk four to eight flights of stairs to get to the staff entrance on level three. Most of the time, that’s fine. But recently an employee, in the late stages of her pregnancy, asked if she could park closer to the staff entrance, in the public carpark, just until she commences maternity leave which is only about three weeks away. The company has refused her request.

The employee’s doctor has asked Jupiters to allow her to park closer to the staff entrance because of low blood pressure associated with her pregnancy. She is able to work but is concerned about her health and safety and that of her unborn child as she has to navigate up to sixteen flights of stairs to and from the staff car park each working day.

Hundreds of staff at Jupiters have signed a letter asking management to make an exception to the staff car parking policy, but the request has fallen on deaf ears.

There’s a very simple solution to all this - let her park for a few weeks in the customer car park. There’s usually plenty of space and we trust that Jupiter's patrons, wouldn’t mind.

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