Don’t Call Off Our Final Jam, Let’s Go Into Overtime.

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Covid-19 has affected all of us in such profound ways. Life as we once knew it, is gone. Schools are closed, we all live in constant fear, we are told to stay strong, but this is a change that no one was prepared for. With everything changing it is good to have hope, and I know for me roller derby, but more specifically, junior roller derby is what gives me a lot of hope. Anyone involved in the Junior roller derby world has witnessed its magic. People from all walks of life coming together to celebrate a mutual love for a sport, it's truly a beautiful thing. I am privileged enough to see the true beauty and magic when the top teams, filled with the most passion unite at champs. Everyone in attendance is there for one thing, everyone tuned into the live stream is there for the same thing, and that connection that we all share is beautiful and we can't let Covid-19 strip that away from us. Just a few weeks ago the class of 2020 was told that they would be losing their graduation, their prom--everything that they have worked so hard for. In many ways champs is like a junior skater’s graduation, we all work so hard for a chance to skate across that track and The Junior Roller Derby Association has the ability to ensure that we do not lose yet another thing that so many of us have put literal blood, sweat and tears into. The Junior Roller Derby Association has stated that if it comes down to it, the World Cup will be postponed as they want to ensure that all skaters have the chance to participate in the life changing event. We have one question: why can't we treat champs the same way? I have had the privilege to skate in both events and the magic you feel when that whistle blows and you know that everything you have trained so hard for was worth it, is so magical, even watching from home, anybody can feel that magic. As a skater who is about to age up, I know how hard us skaters work to earn a spot at champs, and for many of us it is our last chance to feel the magic. So we are begging that if it comes down to the hard conversation of deciding to possibly cancel champs, that we can work to reschedule instead of cancel. We have already been stripped of so much, don’t take this away from us too.