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We, the British public, disagree with the government's junior doctor contract imposition

We, the British public, wish to express our dismay that the government is seeking to impose a new contract upon junior doctors, despite their overwhelming opposition.

Furthermore, the soundbite with which the Government has sought to justify imposition - the ‘truly 7 day NHS’ - has not been appraised, costed, modelled or researched in any meaningful way. We wish to see the 7 day NHS being subjected to as rigorous assessments for cost and clinical effectiveness as any other new NHS drug or technology.

Instead, we believe that the government is proposing an unsafe, unfunded new 7 day system which will stretch 5 days' worth of doctors over 7 days, without the necessary additional funding. We are deeply concerned for the future of the NHS, were the government to impose a contract on the medical profession.

We support the junior doctors in their industrial action as well any legal challenges which they may bring to bear against the contract.

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