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Gender inequality is a form of discrimination that is merely based on gender. This form of discrimination happens across different aspects and areas where women are commonly the victims. In the workplace alone, it is more common for men to be promoted in the executive office than women. Consequently, men receive a higher pay more than women.

In a  2016 statistical report by the World Economic Forum on global gender gap, different issues and improvements were revealed. 144 countries participated in this controverting issue, and gladly these countries have closed the gap of life expectancy in their respective countries between men and women by 96%, as well as, the educational attainment by 95%. Both of which are an improvement to 2015’s report. On the other hand, the economic participation and political empowerment did not show a positive report. The gap of men and women on the economic participation continued to worsen, where 59% of the gap had only been closed. Simultaneously, only 23% of the political gap had only been closed in the said countries. Generally, only 31.7% of the global gender gap had been closed across the gender parity dimensions, which are health, education, economy, and politics.

There are many reasons as to why such gender inequality occurs in the workplace:

1. Gender role
People working in the corporate world are not only given promotions based on how they perform in the company. Promotions are also based on the longevity of time that an employee spends to do his or her job, as well as, his or her availability to go to different places for business-related reasons. These qualifications prove to be disadvantageous for women who are aiming for higher positions in the company, since women are still the ‘primary caregivers’. In this reason, there is a high probability that women would be ignored ignored thus making men to be more favorable in the higher position.

2. Gender bias
Stereotypes also form the basis of female promotions in the workplace. In the case of effective leaders, strength, confidence, and assertiveness are the characteristics being demanded. All of which are usually known to be attributes of a male. Thus, when women emulate these characteristics, they are viewed as ‘aggressive, abrasive, and uncaring’. On the other hand, women who are collaborative, empathy, and being nurturing, are considered ‘lacking in leadership skills.

3. Confidence
In a recent study, it had been found that men view their female counterparts as less capable than themselves, as opposing to women who see themselves as equals to their male counterparts. This view of females as only equivalent to their male counterparts and not people who are more capable stems from their lack of confidence.

The reasons stated above are only a portion of the numerous reasons as to why gender inequality occur. With this new knowledge, let us help address gender inequality in the workplace that for once, these addressed businesses will be able to maximize the potentials of all their employees which will make the company perform better in the market. And furthermore, to create this world a better place to live in for every individual whatever gender they may be. 






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