JumpStart: Create a Digital Collection of Your Legacy Games

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In 1994, a company known as Knowledge Adventure unleashed a DOS game meant to help children about to enter kindergarten by giving them a head start on its curriculum; a "JumpStart", if you will. Indeed, JumpStart Kindergarten went on to become one of the best selling pieces of software made for kindergartners. With this success came numerous sequels, remakes, spin-offs, and other merchandise to be released for nearly 30 years.

With such a rich, almost hard to keep track of history, it's no surprise that several people these days feel nostalgic for these legacy titles, across multiple generations. While the JumpStart games were usually created for elementary aged children, they were still very well made, made learning fun, and had a certain charm to them that can still be enjoyed to this day.

With this feeling of nostalgia, a major issue is brought to light: None of these legacy games are being sold today, and even if you did get your hand on one of the original copies, it's a total toss-up whether or not it will work properly on modern PCs. We want to be able to easily reexperience these classic titles.

What we're asking for is a tall order, but one that could be possible under the right developer (I'd love it if you somehow got Digital Eclipse involved, they are the kings of these types of games): Create a "Digital Collection" game compiling all your legacy games and release it on PC gaming platforms such as Steam! (From the original JumpStart Kindergarten all the way up to the 3D Virtual World games... or beyond, if you so wish)

And this doesn't stop at just the games; indeed, this collection could serve as a great archive for ALL of JumpStart's history. Include things like both DOS and Windows versions of the OG Kindergarten, KnowledgeLand, the more obscure console games, concept art, a series timeline, a music player, and more! Heck, maybe even include other franchises you own like Math Blaster or those strange Code Head games. Perhaps your old "World of JumpStart" online game can even find a new home and new life within this collection. (It's clear the company wants to focus more on the new Academy series anyways.)

And yes, we do not want to replace your Academy games. This collection is not primarily for students; this is for the people who grew up with these games and want to reexperience them. If you're so concerned about outdated teaching standards, then slap a giant content warning on it. If you so wish, this collection could also serve as a "dumping ground" for obsolete software; like when something comes to replace Academy, you can add in those games in an update.

Respect the Legacy, and sign the petition if you want these classic edutainment games to find a new home in modern times!