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On Tuesday 20th June 2017 Tommy Robinson member of rebel media. Was live on UK morning breakfast show Good Morning Britain which broadcast all the latest new that is happen in UK and rest of world.  They invited Tommy Robinson onto said show to ask him about his tweet he had posted onto twitter after Finsbury park attack.  While he was on Good morning Britain TV presenter Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid started to ask him questions about if he was Islamophobic and was he in sighting hate against Muslims.  Every time Tommy Robinson try to responded back to a question Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid shut him down mid sentence and would not allow him to get his point across.  Good Morning Britain had other guest on after this and not once did there interrupt these people.  This is double standards this is state of main stream media and newspapers of today.  People like Tommy who express there views and opinions on the TRUTH what happen in our Country are branded Nazis and Racialist. Why is this? Are people to scared to no the truth?.  The media and newspapers in this country have lot to answer for there should be equal rights to be able to responded to question ask with out been shut down straight away as the broadcasting company is scared of the reaction and ratings there lose.  
We need to stop reporters like piers Morgan been able to act in the way he did today against Tommy Robinson because all the information Good Morning Britain produced apart from one tweet was off years ago this is not what Tommy is about he has highlighted lot of bad things in this country that mainstream news and reports will not stream.  He is one who campaign against all the grooming gangs in our country and trying to stop extremism in our country but like of Good Morning Britain close him down for talking and stating facts and saying Tommy is been disrespectful to people who practices that faith.  

So Please sign this petition to get the likes of piers Morgan off our TV screens and to make mainstream news more equal opportunity so every one get to have there say in fair manner as it is only good manners to let both sides have there say with out interruptions. 

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