Julius Jones is innocent. Free him now.

Julius Jones is innocent. Free him now.

September 6, 2018
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The Governor of Oklahoma & Pardon and Parole Board
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Started by Free Julius Jones

UPDATE: Thanks to a massive global outcry – including more than 6 million signatures on this petition – Julius Jones was saved just 3 hours before the state of Oklahoma was scheduled to execute him. November 18, 2022 marks one year since Julius was taken off of death row. Though his life was spared, Julius remains in prison, serving life without the possibility of parole. Julius is innocent. He deserves to walk out of jail and go home to his family, to be surrounded in love. Please join us as the fight continues to free Julius Jones.

When Julius Jones was 19-years-old, he was convicted of a murder he says he did not commit. I need your help to save his life.

Julius has lived on death row for almost 20 years, and is held in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day. He is allowed one hour of sunlight a day, and three showers a week. Every minute we wait to take action, Julius is suffering. Every second that goes by brings Julius closer to being executed for a crime he didn’t commit. 

At the time of the crime for which he was convicted, Julius was a 19-year-old student athlete with a promising future, attending the University of Oklahoma on an academic scholarship. It is clear that Julius’ lawyer did not adequately defend him, and that explicit racial bias played a significant role in the process.. For example:

  • Eyewitnesses place Mr. Jones at his parents’ home at the time of the murder, miles away from the crime scene. 
  • Mr. Jones’ co-defendant admitted to being involved in the crime and is now free after testifying against Julius. He was heard bragging that he “set Julius up.” Mr. Jones’ co-defendant matches the only eyewitness description of the shooter based on the length of his hair.
  • Newly-discovered evidence shows that at least one juror harbored racial prejudice that influenced his vote to convict and sentence Mr. Jones to death. One juror reported telling the judge about another juror who said the trial was a waste of time and “they should just take the n***** out and shoot him behind the jail.” 

I learned about Julius’ story through Viola Davis’ docuseries “The Last Defense.” As a person of color and a person of faith, I knew that I couldn’t stand by while an innocent man was killed. I am an Oklahoma taxpayer and the idea that my money will be used to kill Julius makes me sick. 

Every day an innocent man is forced to sit in solitary confinement, awaiting his death. 

Recently, a grassroots movement successfully pressured Texas to stay the execution of Rodney Reed, another black man sentenced to death for a crime he says he didn’t commit. If we can save Rodney, then Julius has a chance.

Please join me and demand justice for Julius.

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Signatures: 6,594,233Next Goal: 7,500,000
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