Reduce the speed limit to 60km/h on Valley Way and stop the hooning before a death occurs.

Reduce the speed limit to 60km/h on Valley Way and stop the hooning before a death occurs.

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Melinda Novley started this petition to Julie Talty

Enough is enough. Witnessing the death of wildlife due to high speed vehicles on Valley Way was the last straw for me and other passers by this afternoon. There are many concerned and fed up residents of Mount Cotton who want the traffic to be calmed and the hooning to stop, particularly for the safety of our children and wildlife; and for improved quality of life in the area. 

In 2016, over a quarter of Mt Cotton’s population was aged 0-14 years (Australian Bureau of Statistics [ABS], 2016). This number has probably increased as families move to the area and existing families have more children. Yet, we still have a road (Valley Way) running through Mt Cotton that is dual lanes in both directions with a speed limit of 80km/h. But we all know that many vehicles travel faster than the speed limit. According to Kemp et al. (2019, p. 12), Brisbane has a 63.5% speed compliance rate when the speed limit is 80km/h. And the average speed when speeding in an 80km/h urban speed zone in QLD was 86.3km/h in 2018 (Kemp et al., 2019, p.7). Yet we are expected to walk/ride along a footpath that is 2.5 metres from 2 lanes of traffic with drivers who may be in the 36.5% of people who speed in 80km/h zones; with no barrier between the road and the footpath! This afternoon wildlife was struck and killed by cars travelling at high speeds- will it be children next, as they’re riding to the park or getting on and off the school bus?

Furthermore, let’s consider that we now have an entry/exit to Mt Cotton Central shopping precinct at the roundabout of Seanna Drive. Yet traffic is travelling at 80km/h along Valley Way and through this roundabout. There are people trying to do the right thing by walking and riding to the shops; there are parents coming out of the precinct after picking up their children from childcare; there are local residents coming and going to the shops and cafes. But they have to enter/exit a roundabout or cross the road on foot with cars coming at them at 80km/h. I’ve heard the locking up of brakes several times at this roundabout since it became an entry/exit to the shopping precinct. It is only a matter of time until there is an accident there, unless the speed limit is reduced and enforced. 

In addition to an unnecessary high speed limit in a family concentrated suburb, hooning is a major issue that I personally have no tolerance for anymore. The noise pollution caused by the horrendous and frequent sounds of late night and weekend drifting around roundabouts; speeding along Valley Way and German Church Road; and burnouts on Heinemann Road, has caused disrupted sleep for many residents in the area, my young children included. It also interrupts basic social activities like making a phone call, or having a conversation with guests in the home. And furthermore, noise pollution has a lasting effect on wildlife and pets in the area, remembering that animals often hear noise at a much louder amplitude than humans. Ultimately, hooning is diminishing the quality of life achievable in Mt Cotton, as well as placing lives at risk when it is done in times of higher traffic. But unfortunately, Valley Way and it’s large roundabouts make for the perfect setting to pick up speed and drift, and with very little police or fixed camera presence in the area, this will continue. 

In summary, we urgently need the following in order to keep our residents and wildlife safe; and improve the quality of life in Mt Cotton:

1. The speed limit must be reduced to 60km/h on Valley Way. The evidence is clear- compliance in 60km/h zones in Brisbane rises to 76.3% from 63.5% compliance in 80km/h zones (Kemp et al., 2018, p.12). It also takes 69 metres to fully stop on a dry road when travelling at 80km/h. This is compared to 45 metres when travelling at 60km/h (QLD Government, 2016, “Stopping Distances on Wet and Dry Roads”). Our children and wildlife need these improved life chances, and noise pollution would be reduced with this type of traffic calming. 

2. A barrier between the road and the footpath is urgently needed along Valley Way from Heinemann Rd to Mt Cotton Central, as an added safety measure in the event a vehicle mounts the footpath, or in the event a child veers off the footpath and on to the road. This is necessary due to the dual lanes of Valley Way, where overtaking, often up the inside lane is a common occurrence!

3. Children crossing Valley Way after hopping on and off the bus just up from Taffeta Drive need some sort of safe crossing option because at the moment they are dashing across Valley Way, trying to cross 4 lanes of traffic travelling at 80km/h or more!

4. Fixed cameras are needed, particularly at the roundabout of Valley Way and Heinemann Rd, to capture hooning, as local residents have given up calling the hoonline at all hours of the day and night. Greater police presence in the area is also necessary, particularly considering that Mt Cotton is on the list of suburbs where speed limit compliance has worsened by more than 20% in recent years (Kemp et al., 2019, p. 13). 

Please sign to put action in motion, as complaining on Facebook; calling the police; writing individual complaints, etc., is clearly not working to address our safety and liveability concerns. Thank you for your support. 


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