Julie’s law. Voluntary workers must have rights.

Julie’s law. Voluntary workers must have rights.

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Why this petition matters

Started by Julie Carvell

YMCA charity shop volunteer Julie  Carvell, gave eight years loyal service.  Then, was harshly, instantly, dismissed over a minor misunderstanding about tagging clothes etc. 

Such actions would appear mean under normal circumstances, but Julie has mild learning difficulties.  Several previous managers of the charity shop, had more positive relations with volunteers.  

Voluntary workers in Britain have fewer rights than dockers in the 1920s.  While most community organizations get things right most of the time, there pockets of Dickensian practices.  It is hight time volunteers had some basic protections and rights.  Britain needs Julie’s Law.   

Equal opportunities and rights for all people.  Stop discrimination against volunteers with hidden disabilities.  Not all disabilities are visible.

Please contact: Nigel Huddleston charities minister 

Contact the Member at their Westminster address.
House of Commons
Phone: 020 7219 5814

34 have signed. Let’s get to 50!