Bring Katherine Pierce/Katerina Petrova back to life!

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Bring Katherine Pierce/Katerina Petrova back to life!

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Please support my petition and don't let the best character die... Thank you :-)

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"Do you think that, after all horrible things I've done ... it would be possible to be forgiven?"

"Life is too cruel. If we cease to believe in love, why would you want to live?"

"I was looking out for myself, Elena. I will always look out for myself. If you’re smart, you’ll do the same."

"The three of us together, just like old times. The brother who loved me too much and the one that didn't love me enough."

"I don't deserve to be loved."

"This truly has been the role of a lifetime."

"Call it pride or vanity, but after the life that I’ve lead, I refuse to drift off into the sunset."

"He killed them, my entire family, just to get back at me for running."

"Always stay one step ahead of your enemy."

"Do you honestly believe that I don’t have a plan B? And if that fails, a plan C, then a plan D, and… you know how the alphabet works, don’t you?"

"I ran from my enemies for 500 years."

"I'm Katherine Pierce. I survive."

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