Stop child protective services and all the court systems from destroying innocent families

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November 23rd last year before Thanksgiving we was a happy family going to the zoo Kentucky Kingdom horse riding you name it we did it look at my Facebook page it change me and my babies life there's other fathers out there searching I have custody of my babies but I went searching for help online except for I'm not like most fathers and their situations I do have custody I went searching for help because Child Protective Services withholding information from Judge Dee McDonald I would like to let her know there is a whole lot going on and as I was searching for help I realize there's not much help four fathers that don't have custody a lot of fathers they don't understand it they have rights I didn't care if I had rights or not because I love my children and I'm fighting for them all the way I'm starting to join some father's clubs and I'm going to try to make a change I'm a father didn't do drugs trying to do right you stepped into my life me and my 6 year old girl and 5 year old boy hasn't had much fun since need to open the eyes of the CPS caseworkers around the world to do further research on the history and the violence on both sides not just one thank you all very much I'm hoping for the best for all the father's not just me