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Petitioning Julie Jones, Secretary of the Florida Department of Corrections

Protect the welfare of prisoner Nikko Albanese

Nikko Albanese was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at age 10. Thanks to his mother's help, and Social Security Disability payments, he had health care and lived a happy life. But he lost his benefits at age 18 and spent a year without medications or therapy, decompensating to the point that he committed robbery and was sentenced, in 2012, to ten years in prison.

Now 22, he is being held in close management (basically, solitary) at Union Correctional Institution in Raiford, FL. He has received grossly deficient medical care in prison, and has often been subject to the use of force during cell extractions. His weight has dropped from 160 pounds to 120. During a recent phone call, he had trouble even recognizing his mother. 

We are calling on Julie Jones, the head of the deeply troubled Florida Department of Corrections, to remove him from close management, admit him to a hospital outside of prison for needed care and, in the future, restore his visitiation rights. This young man desperately needs help before it is too late.


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  • Julie Jones, Secretary of the Florida Department of Corrections

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