Help us get the Eagles to GO GREEN for Cholangiocarcinoma at a home game in October 2019!!

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Jan Meyer
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Cholangiocarcinoma is also known as Bile Duct Cancer. According to the Bili Project "Hepatobiliary Cancers are the 6th leading cause of cancer death in the USA, and the 3rd leading cause of cancer death worldwide, yet somehow they have managed to keep a low profile as compared to other cancers until now. These cancers are a huge cause for concern as they are difficult to diagnose, difficult to treat and grossly underfunded with research.  Our goal is to increase awareness, decrease incidence, and improve patient outcomes".  This cancer is on the rise in the USA and increased numbers are projected in the coming years.  By GOING GREEN FOR CHOLANGIOCARCINOMA the Eagles will help spread awareness of this dangerous cancer.                                                                                                   Last month was Bile Duct Cancer Month (Cholangiocarcinoma)…did you hear anything about it?  Nope…neither did we!  #WEMATTER We sent out boxes of T-shirts, beads, balloons, suckers, and more to the major talk shows, and over 150 letters to major and local news stations…crickets…not one mention of this incredibly dangerous and aggressive disease.  We have to get the word out.  Why? Because this disease was once found predominantly men over age 65 but is now found in men and women aged 21 and up!  Early diagnosis is key.  Treatment is tough but we are tougher.  We are a tight knit family brought together on Facebook by this craptastic cancer.  We send each other packages, cards of hope, and text and call each other often.  We celebrate when one of us gets great results on scans and we cry with fellow warriors when they get progression on their scans and then we support them and encourage them to fight!  Many of us travel long distances to see experts specializing in this cancer.  Statistics for survival rival that of Pancreatic cancer, some say worse.    Our cancer ribbon is green which makes a perfect match for the Eagles!  A friend told us it will take someone famous to get Common Bile Duct cancer (Cholangiocarcinoma) for anyone to pay attention.  We sincerely don’t want ANYONE else getting this awful cancer.   Please sign our petition and help us encourage the Philadelphia Eagles to GO GREEN FOR CHOLANGIOCARCINOMA (Bile Duct Cancer) in October 2019 at a home game!                                                                                                             GO EAGLES!                                                                                                                 E-A-G-L-E-S!!!!