Our Lancashire MP's should back the will of their constituents

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Every single constituency in Lancashire voted to leave the European Union. Yet many of our Lancashire MP's voted on 13th December to frustrate that process. For many of these, it wasn't the first time. 

Many of these MPs campaigned for Remain. Despite being on the opposite side to their constituents, many of them performed a miraculous u-turn, just in time for the General Election. They said that they would respect the result. 

Yet since their wins, and persuading people they are now prepared to go with the result of the referendum, they have voted to frustrate that process.

The vote  last night has done three things:

(1) Weakened the hand of the Prime Minister as she heads back for more talks with the EU.

(2) Undermined the majority of voters in Lancashire who backed Leave.

(3) Made it more difficult to deliver a smooth and orderly brexit.

The Government was crystal clear that there would be a vote on the final deal in Parliament.

A deal is likely to go to the wire, just as it did last week for the first stage of negotiations. Tonight's vote will compress that, meaning a "no deal" scenario may be more likely. It also increases the chance of Labour and rebel Conservatives of teaming up to fight for the softest possible Brexit, which would barely be like Brexit at all.

These MPs said one thing on the referendum result when they were up for election and have done something totally different when it has come down to it.