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Tell the Turnbull Government to denounce Trump's immigration policies

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Foreign minister Julie Bishop has stated that the Turnbull government will support Donald Trump's "strong border protection policies", including his xenophobic ban on immigration from 7 Mulsim-majority countries. This is despite the fact that the ban will have a negative effect on Australia, as Australian citizens who hold dual citizenship from the banned countries will also be kept from entering the US.

Australia did away with the White Australia Policy in 1966, so why is our government now supporting the creation of similar policies overseas? As one of America's closest allies, we should be putting pressure on Trump to reverse these racist decisions instead of blindly supporting them.

Furthermore, banning immigration of any group of people does nothing but restrict trade and foster animosity between nations, and if America decides to enact immigration bans then other countries may follow suit in future.

Trump's Muslim ban will do nothing but promote racism and restrict the freedom of thousands of people worldwide, most of whom are working families and refugees fleeing from war in the middle east. Instead of supporting the ban, Australia should be working with our other allies such as Canada and New Zealand to help vet and resettle displaced people from the middle east in an efficient and humane way. It's time to let the government know that we won't stand for them kowtowing to a leader who makes hateful and xenophobic policies.


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