LGBTIQ Indonesians Need Our Help

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Indonesia Plans To Criminalise LGBTIQ Sex

The Indonesian parliament is currently reviewing its 100-year-old criminal code. Factions within the Indonesian government are using this opportunity to insert language that criminalises same-sex expression as well as all sex outside of marriage, punishable by up to 12 years in jail.

Straight couples who are not married, and members of the LGBTIQ community could be sent to prison under these changes.


The Changes Will Also Apply To Foreigners

Proposed changes to the Indonesian criminal code could put millions of visitors to Indonesia in danger.

Today when you enter Indonesia there are signs to warn you that drug activities are illegal and punishable. In future we may see similar signs warning couples who are not married, or anyone in the LGBTIQ community, that they could also be sent to prison for their private life.

A legally married same-sex couple from Australia who visit Bali on their honeymoon could be sent to prison. Teenagers on Schoolies Week could be sent to prison. Heterosexual couples who are not married could be sent to prison. 


Indonesia Is Admired As A Leader In Our Region

Indonesia is seen by the world as a diverse country with a commitment to democracy and human rights. It is the largest democracy in our region and an example to all its neighbours, including Australia. However, 2018 is looking bleak and dangerous for human rights in Indonesia, and for all of us who want to go there.


These Changes Will Hurt A Lot Of People

This will impact many Indonesians, in particular the vulnerable and marginalised LGBTIQ community, which has been publicly attacked and humiliated by police and government over the past two years.

This will also impact any foreign tourists to Indonesia who are in a relationship that does not fit within the Indonesian criminal code.  

This will provide a legal basis for vigilantes helping police to ‘discover’ and ‘raid’ homes, hotels, saunas or any place they claim are conducting forbidden sexual activities. 

It does not need to be like this. The Indonesian parliament can easily choose to remove these clauses from its revision.

Indonesia is not Uganda.

Indonesia is not Russia.

Indonesia is not Pakistan.

Indonesia is not defined by Aceh.


What Can You Do?

Sign and share this petition. 

Show your concern about the effect these changes will have on your neighbours, as well as on you or your friends who will visit Indonesia in the future.

Write to someone. 

Use this text to tweet or write an email:

Proposed changes to the Indonesian criminal code will hurt Australian visitors and harm vulnerable minorities, including all Indonesian LGBTIQ.

Please do something – as my representative and as a good neighbour.

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