Deport criminal immigrants & refugees who get a criminal record within 12 years; or deport them immediately should they get two criminal records regardless of residential status or how long they have lived here.

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Dear People,

Let's make Australia a much safer place to live, if you like on account of Tori and Katrina.

If we suggest a temp visa for 12 years, I know that's generous, subject to getting no criminal record for immigrants and refugees, what's there to lose? Who possibly could argue leaving a provision for criminal intent being an objection to their residency here of any consequence? In other words, who would object to a small clause saying "please do not commit a criminal offence as part of your agreement for asylum or residency"? Sure, the 12-year window means people already here need to either a. start behaving immediately or b. WILL be deported. But hey, where's this a problem???

Sure, the judge who granted Man Haron Monis bail made a grievious error, but a simple system of deportation on the first criminal charge would have helped sort the matter quickly and sent this guy packing which is exactly what should have happened. There is no time for political correctness. Things are not going to change anytime soon and thorough and stringent legislation as to the privilege it is to reside in Australia and the expectation of absolutely zero tolerance of criminal activity is THE ONLY WAY. Look to Singapore, a country that is unafraid to set tight boundaries and a great economic pearl because of their high standards has arisen.

I have been a resident and now a citizen here for over twenty years and there is no need to get a criminal record and neither would I deem it unusual to be deported if I did get one. We're not talking traffic offences and speeding fines - drunk driving, killed a couple of people and you'll get a criminal record though and I do understand there may have to be a very slight accidental loophole as regards a genuine accident rather than an intentional criminal activity.

PLEASE ACTION THESE CHANGES IMMEDIATELY and let's stop criminal activity by our refugee and immigrant population once and for all.

AUSTRALIA will be such a better place with such a little ammendment. If it could be apporpriately backdated this would be even better still.

We love Muslim people and all ethnic people and are happy for every immigrant and refugee to work hard and contribute to their hearts content. But if you cannot demonstrate a period of time of being a law abiding citizen, then go back to the place you came and stay away, because our Australian people are far too valuable to have mad people running our streets and rapists and thieves and murderers and drug dealers do not now, never have and never will add anything worthwhile to our Great nation.

It is time to set a precedent and make Australia the greatest place on earth by sorting this matter out. Tori and Katrina, who threw themselves infront of a madman to save others, could have done that for nothing and we can leave the current ridiculous laws in place, else you may, like me be quietly seething underneath, that two such beautiful souls should be taken by someone who should never have been permitted on this soil for more than a handful of days and the choice as to whether you want make their sacrifice REALLY count for something is now yours. I say they paid a huge price and now we will get what we want done.

Thank you so very much for your time, for listening and may God richly Bless you just for reading this far! With all my heart, much love to you and your families and Happy Christmas!

Yours sincerely Mike Bloomfield and in recognition and rememberance of those injured and two of our brightest and bravest who unnecessarily lost there lives today 16/12/2014 from someone who should have been deported within a few days.

R.I.P. Tori and Katrina, our bravest, strongest, brightest and best; true heroes we will never forget.

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