Re open the car park next to the row of shops in Wilnecote Tamworth

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We rent a little barber shop in Wilnecote Tamworth, we opened May 2010. There isn’t much parking at all for the little row of small shops. Just a few spaces out the front. All of the shops have relied on the car park that is next to the football pitch on nine foot lane. To the side of the shops. Tamworth council have given planning permission for a new scout hut to be built next to this car park. None of us in any of the shops knew about this planning . None of us received any letter informing us of this proposal. Tamworth council have said, yes we informed you. It just seems weird that not one of us in any of the 5 shops got notified or received any written letter. Not one shop. As soon as we heard that the Tamworth scouts where building this hut. And closing the car park.

We just couldn’t believe what we were hearing....the car park we so rely upon for our customers to park to be able to use the shops was to be closed! 

This devestated me! I knew that if this car park closed our customers would struggle to park and would simply take their business elsewhere! 

It has only been a week and it has already caused a massive impact on how busy we are. 

We employ 4 girls in our shop. And if it continues to stay quiet we would have to let them go! They would lose their jobs! 

Just because of closing this much needed car park. I understand that they need to build their new hut. But please reopen the car park back up. And help our customers park their cars to bring custom back into our little row of shops.

times are hard enough without this added stress. 

Please help to reopen the car park ! 

Thank you 

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